Top Six Benefits Of Waterproofing Concrete

Most homeowners know that water has a way of destroying concrete. Water does this in two important ways. The first is that it breaks down concrete and thus weakens your concrete structures. The second way that moisture destroys concrete is through the forces of expansion and contraction. This leads to cracks and eventually weakens the entire structure of the building. Although these processes take time, eventually, your concrete structures will weaken and crumble.

Here are some of the top benefits of waterproofing concrete structures.

Prevents Mold

One of the dangers of having moisture seep through your concrete structures is the fact that it leads to mold infestations. Mold is a form of fungi that thrives in moist, dark places. When moisture seeps through the walls, it creates the ideal conditions for mold. As the infestation grows, the mold will release spores which can be carried into the house by air. When breathed in, mold can cause serious respiratory problems for your family. Mold also destroys the surface of the wall and the paint, which leads to expensive repairs. Even the very process of removing mold is expensive as it has to be carried out by experts. By preventing water from seeping into the walls, you can prevent mold from infesting your house.

Maintains Good Aesthetics

When water seeps through your walls, it will cause your paint to fade and generally wear out. When that happens, it is likely to ruin the aesthetics of your home. By waterproofing concrete, you can ensure that your concrete surfaces maintain their aesthetic appeal.

Increases Property Value

Your house is an investment and anything that you do that increases the value of your investment is generally a good thing. Waterproofing your concrete surfaces is one way of increasing the value of your property. Potential buyers appreciate waterproofed concrete because they understand that this means that the underlying structures are probably moisture-free and p[robably have sound integrity. This in turn means that they are likely to pay more for your house.

Lowers Maintenance Costs

When you waterproof your concrete surfaces, this has the effect of reducing the cost of maintenance. This is because waterproofing your concrete structures ensures that they are less likely to be damaged by water or its effects. Waterproofed structures are less likely to crack or weaken, which ensures that your home stays structurally sound with less need for concrete repairs.

Lowers Utility Costs

When water seeps through your walls or concrete surfaces, it may create a damp effect in your house. This in turn makes your house colder and thus you need to spend more money to keep interior temperatures at a comfortable level. When there is no moisture in your concrete surfaces, your interior spaces stay dry, which means that the insulation works better as well. The net effect of this is that you get to enjoy lower utility bills.

Makes Your Home Livable

At the end of the day, we want a home that is warm and comfortable. When you waterproof your house, you ensure that your home becomes comfortable. For example, concrete floors that are damp can be very uncomfortable and will probably require carpets or rugs to reduce the cold. However, if the floor is waterproofed, you can enjoy walking barefoot without having any discomfort.