Understanding Blueskin VP160: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Features

Blueskin VP160 Henry Vapor Permeable Membrane

 Ever heard about Henry Blueskin VP160? It’s not a new superhero, but it might as well be for your building! This innovative self-adhesive water resistive air barrier is the unsung hero in enhancing building longevity. Bear with us as we go over the features of Blueskin VP16011

But that’s not all. Whether it’s scorching hot or freezing cold, its thermal performance doesn’t falter. It stands strong in a wide range of weather conditions, making it an all-weather champion. So next time you think about building protection, remember Blueskin VP160!

Understanding Blueskin Air Vapor Barriers

Henry vapor plays a crucial role in controlling air leakage and diffusion.

Essential for Controlling Air Leakage and Diffusion

This barrier is not just a piece of equipment; it’s an essential tool that helps maintain thermal performance and the integrity of your building. It controls the air leakage and diffusion effectively, ensuring that no unwanted air or moisture enters the building.

  • Controls air leakage: It prevents the escape of warm or cool air from inside.
  • Regulates diffusion: It keeps out moisture, preventing condensation issues.
Improves Energy Efficiency by Reducing Heat Loss

With Henry vapor barriers in place, you can expect improved energy efficiency. How so? By reducing heat loss.

  • Reduced heat loss: The barrier insulates the building effectively, keeping warmth in during winter and out during summer.
  • Improved energy efficiency: With less heat escaping, HVAC systems work less hard to maintain indoor temperatures.
Protects Building Envelope from External Elements

Lastly, this barrier is like a shield for your building envelope. It protects against external elements such as rainwater or snow that could potentially cause damage to allowing walls.

  • Protection against water damage: The waterproof properties keep rainwater at bay.
  • Shield against other elements: Snow, wind, dust – this barrier keeps them all out!

So there you have it! permeable adhesive technology is more than just a vapor barrier – it’s an essential part of any efficient and durable building structure.

Henry Blueskin VP160 Features

Self adhered water resistive air barrier

One standout trait is its self-sealing technology. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill blueskin, folks. The vp160 self adhered water and commercial air barriers takes coverage to a new level by sealing itself. No gaps, no voids – a continuous plane, just complete and total protection.

Low-Temperature Application

Think you need to wait for summer to apply this bad boy? Think again! It can be applied in temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C). That’s colder than a snowman’s nose!

Resistant Properties

And let’s not forget about its durability:

  • Puncture resistant: You’d have a tough time poking holes through this stuff.
  • Tear resistant: Don’t worry about rips ruining your day.
  • UV resistant: Even the sun’s rays can’t touch this blueskin sa lt.

So there you have it! Just a few reasons why it stands out in the world of blue barriers. It’s tough, adaptable, and reliable on a continuous plane – everything you want in a weather barrier.

self adhered Water Resistive Air Barrier Properties

Henry Blueskin VP160 Self Adhered: A Wall’s Best Friend

A water resistive air barrier membrane, stands tall against wind-driven rain and snow. This permeable water resistive air barrier doesn’t flinch even when faced with standing water or damp conditions.

  • Water Warrior: The membrane acts as an impermeable shield against water, allowing vapor to escape your building dry and damage-free.
  • Air Avenger: Besides being a fantastic water barrier, it also blocks vapor transmission. This means no more condensation within walls.

Henry vapor has patented permeable adhesive technology. This patented permeable adhesive technology ensures superior adhesion to various surfaces – from concrete block to aluminum.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The asphalt compound in the adhesive forms a strong bond with the surface.
  2. The bond creates an water resistive air barrier that prevents vapor from passing through.
  3. This results in excellent protection for your wall substrates.

It’s not just about protection; it’s about giving your walls the best defense possible against water and air.

Remember, this is not just any membrane; this is a super-membrane! It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your building that never takes a day off.

Isn’t it time you gave your walls the protection they deserve? With Blueskin VP160 self adhered, you’re not just building; you’re future-proofing!


Blueskin VP160, a game-changer in air tightness and vapor barriers, is your go-to solution for water resistance. Its unique features and different sizes make it adaptable to various applications. This product’s technical specifications stand out in the market, offering top-notch performance for a self adhered water resistive and air tightness helping barrier

The application process is straightforward and user-friendly. It effectively saves time and reduces labor costs. So why wait? Grab your Blueskin VP160 today and experience its outstanding properties firsthand!


Q1: What makes Henry Blueskin VP160 unique?

Henry Blueskin VP160 has unique features that set it apart from other commercial air barriers and vapor barriers. Self adhered water resistive air barrier properties make it an ideal choice for various applications.

Q2: Can I apply Blueskin VP160 myself?

Yes, you can! The application process of Blueskin VP160 is simple and does not require professional assistance.

Q3: Does Henry Blueskin VP160 come in different sizes?

Absolutely! Blueskin VP160 comes in different sizes to cater to varied needs.

Q4: How does Blueskin VP160 impact the environment?

Blueskin VP160 is designed with environmental considerations in mind. It contributes to energy efficiency by air tightness helping.

Q5: Is there any special care or maintenance required for Blueskin VP160?

No special care or maintenance is required for Blueskin VP160. Once applied, it continues to perform its function without any need for upkeep.

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