Understanding Your Choices in Concrete Repair Products


Concrete Repair Products

Concrete is an excellent building material for a wide range of projects, in part because of its superior strength and ability to hold up for decades.  However, concrete isn’t impervious, and it will typically become damaged over time – particularly by being cracked, through impact or weather conditions.

Fortunately, there are numerous concrete repair products which allow a homeowner or builder to patch up a piece of concrete without having to redo the entire job.  We have a quick guide to some of your most common options.

Three Commonly Used Concrete Repair Products and Their Benefits

  1. Standard Portland concrete or grout

One nice thing about concrete is that much of the time, you can simply lay down some new concrete without too much fuss.  When time isn’t of the essence, concrete can be repaired by just laying down more concrete.

This is typically used when there’s a chunk of concrete that needs to be removed, and then a new section of concrete is poured.  The main benefit is that this is the cheapest and easiest option, but it won’t dry particularly quickly.  Also, new concrete will never match with older weathered concrete, so the patched area will stand out.

  1. Polymer-infused Portland concrete

One of the better options in concrete repair products is a concrete which has been infused with plastic polymers, such as latex, to give it additional bonding properties.  These mixes also usually cure more quickly than standard concrete, and that adds to their value.

They’re often used in situations where the area to be repaired is off the ground, either on a wall or overhead.  The high adhesion properties, along with the fast curing, allows the patch to stay in place even if inverted.

  1. Non-shrink mortar

Non-shrink mortar is one of the better options for patching cracks without replacing large chunks of the concrete.  In particular, this is often the best choice when dealing with cracks that have developed due to cold weather.  The non-shrink mortar will fill in the gaps but won’t shrink the next time the concrete is exposed to weather effects.

This mortar can also be obtained in quick-cure varieties for fast patching.

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