The Most Common Ways Northern Virginia Basements Become Flooded


Most common causes of flooding

Water can seep into almost any part of a house, but the basement is by far the most likely place.  A northern Virginia basement without sufficient waterproofing will be vulnerable to water damage, mold, or worse.  In the worst-case scenario, the water could make its way deep into your foundation, leading to cracks that could cause damage to your entire house.

There are plenty of northern Virginia waterproofing methods that can work, but first, you have to look at the ways water gets into a basement in the first place.

The Four Most Common Ways a Virginia Basement Becomes Flooded

  1. External cracks in the foundation

If there’s water leaking into your basement, there are likely some cracks in the exterior of the foundation.  As long as those cracks remain near the edges of the foundation, it isn’t a threat to your home – but they need to be patched up!  Fortunately, concrete repair products make it relatively easy to patch up these minor cracks.  You’ll prevent water damage and prevent any further harm to the foundation.

  1. Ground-level windows

Basements typically have windows at or near ground level, and these are a major source of water intrusions.  Over time, the grout and sealant around their edges begins to break down, allowing water to leak in.  This problem is easy to fix once it’s spotted, and there are plenty of sealants you can use to plug the leaks.

  1. Plugged gutter drains

This is usually more of a contributing problem.  If the gutters or drains become clogged, your main mechanism for moving rainwater away from the house doesn’t do its job.  This leads to a lot of extra water ending up at the edges of your foundation.  So, if there are any flaws or leaks, they’ll be made worse with the extra water.

The solution here is simply to clean your gutters regularly to ensure proper flow.

  1. Clogged weeping tiles

Not every home utilizes weeping tiles or French drains, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you have them.  If they’ve become clogged or damaged, they can also lead to water buildup which seeps into the basement.  Check around where the hose is buried for surface-level damage.

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