4 Good Reasons To Caulk Around The Toilet To The Floor

For homeowners who have just installed a new toilet, they may be wondering if there really is a need to caulk around the toilet where it meets the floors. Here, we dive deeper into this great debate so you can make a well-informed decision.

Caulking Around Toilet

Most homeowners are confused about whether they need to caulk the areas surrounding the toilet base. Many people base their decision on personal and traditional belief which is fine but some may not be helpful. There are some homeowners that make use of ineffective fillers in the past that can crumble over time. Perhaps, they are not made aware of the versatility and durability of modern caulking products. Learn more about the reasons behind caulking around the toilet:

Prevents Water Seepage

By caulking around the toilet base, water can be prevented from seeping under the toilet. This water is from outside, which means water from the shower or sink. With a proper seal, this water will not be able to seep under the toilet. Without any caulking done on the toilet base, water can creep underneath the toilet and will stagnate if left unattended. Over time, it can cause mold and fungus to grow.

Adds Stability

The toilet is often secured onto the floor by bolts. However, if the floor is uneven, the toilet has a potential to rock back and forth which can cause discomfort during use. It may also cause noises and can create a risk for the inner plumbing works. The bolts can be tightened at some point but the porcelain may crack. Apart from helping to maintain cleanliness, caulking around the toilet will provide a layer of support that compensates the uneven floor. When the high-quality caulk has fully cured, it can provide durable and effective cushioning.

Plumbing Code Compliance

This is one of the most important reasons that you should caulk your toilet base. In most parts of the country, it is a building code requirement for toilet bases to be caulked. This could apply to both new construction and remodeling projects. However, regulations can vary from one state to another.

Looks Better and Prevent Odors

Many people caulk their toilet base because it can give a nice and neat appearance. It can also be used around showers, wash basins, and tubs. Without caulking, the toilet base can look dark and uneven which may look unsightly and unprofessional. You will also not have any unpleasant odors that may at times emit from under the toilet after every flush. The odors can be made worse with fungus or mold growing underneath the toilet.

To Caulk or Not to Caulk?

In summary, caulking the base of your toilet does have many beneficial effects that you can enjoy as a homeowner. The process takes just several minutes of your time and caulk can be obtained at an affordable price. Based on the benefits that we have just shared, it looks like they definitely outweigh the concerns that homeowners have been believing these past years.