Polyurethane Sealants: Features & Benefits

Polyurethane Sealants

Polyurethane sealant is an elastomeric sealant that can dry at room temperature and humidity. It is often used in gluing and sealing applicants due to its high flexibility and elasticity while still providing considerable durability and solid adhesion strength. Additionally, polyurethane sealant has a good resistance against shock, vibration, and impact compared to other caulks, making it superior to silicone sealants in terms of mechanical strength.

Polyurethane sealant is considered a natural and organic material made with organic polymers joined by carbamate. Therefore, their lifespan may be shorter than the inorganic silicone, ranging from five to ten years, depending on the quality. But, overall, it provides a great deal of durability and mechanical strength during its shelf life. Here are the features and benefits of polyurethane sealants.

Features And Benefits of Polyurethane Sealants

There are various benefits to caulking with polyurethane sealants. In addition to their affordability and applicability to multiple areas in the interior and exterior of the home, they have the following benefits:

  • High mechanical strength and durability
  • Strong adhesion strength to various surfaces
  • High resistance to moisture, external elements from weather conditions
  • High elasticity and flexibility
  • Remain stable at high temperature and resistant to corrosive chemicals
  • UV stable, resistant to sunlight
  • Can be sanded and painted after it has dried fully

Types of Polyurethane Sealants And Their Benefits

Despite their common properties, different polyurethane sealants are ideal and considerably more suitable for various surfaces and materials. Here are the different types of polyurethane sealants and their characteristics you should know about:

  • Self-Leveling: This polyurethane mastic has a lower concentration of polymers, designed to seal the gaps of the floors as they are made to self-level and create an even surface. They are resistant to aggressive substances such as oil and gasoline, making this sealant ideal for external and environmental applications.
  • Low-Modul: This polyurethane sealant is suited for a wide range of industrial and construction applications such as concrete seals, flush seals, and expansion joints that require high displacement.
  • Auto-Glass: This polyurethane mastic is designed as an auto glass adhesive and can adhere the rear window and front glass to their respective placements. They can also be used in more commercial vehicles such as trains, buses, and wagons, due to their versatile and flexible nature.
  • Construction/Structural: This type of sealant is usually more concentrated as it is made for construction and industrial purposes and is commonly used as adhesive in projects. Due to their ability to adhere to multiple types of surfaces, they can be used for bonding applications such as metal to glass, metal to concrete, metal to metal bonding.

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