Backer Rods: Their Uses & Benefits


Backer Rods

When it comes to construction and remodeling, it’s rare that some unexpected issue doesn’t crop up at one point or another; it’s just the nature of the business. However, this is when backer rods can often come in handy. However, unless you’re a bonafide DIY remodeling expert or construction professional, you might be a little unsure of their uses and benefits.

As one of the area’s leading sealant and construction product vendors, the team of experts from Metro Sealant has collected some insight for you below about backer rods, so let’s take a look!

What Exactly Are Backer Rods?

Denver Foam 5/8 Mini
Open Cell Backer Rod


Back rods are made out of foam and are designed to be flexible. They come in different lengths, making it easy to find one that suits your project. They’re most often used to provide cushioning or be the backing in a crack, joint, foundation, or gap. They’re also often used to provide insulation as well. They come in different shapes and sizes, so the best one for you will depend upon your needs.

The three main backer rod types are closed cell, open cell, and hybrid bi-cellular versions that contain closed outer cells and open inner cells. Depending on the situation, one of these types may work better than another. For example, closed-cell material is designed not to absorb moisture, which can come in handy for roofing jobs.

Some of the major benefits of backer rods include:

  • Reduced caulk consumption through the ability to control sealing depth
  • Increased elasticity in joint sealant
  • They fit a wide variety of gaps due to compression
  • They provide a stable caulking surface
  • They can be used indoors or outdoors
  • They allow joints to be easily sealed by creating what’s referred to as a “bond breaker”

Be Sure to Choose the Right Sealant

When working with backer rods, it’s always important to choose the right sealant to create a strong bond. The most commonly used sealants will be made from silicones or polyurethanes. But again, the application and environmental factors will also play a role in the right sealant choice for you.

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