What is the Difference Between Painter’s Tape & Masking Tape?

What is the Difference Between Painter’s Tape & Masking Tape?

Although similar in look and feel, painter’s tape and masking tape are both actually quite different according to the painters from Oconee Painting. However, due to their likeness, they’re often confused, which can sometimes lead to big problems when it comes to painting and other remodeling projects. That’s why the team from Metro Sealant is here to help!

Painters Tape

Below, you’ll find some of the key differences between the two types of tape, as well as their uses and benefits.

Some of the Major Similarities

Both masking and painter’s tape is made with crepe paper backing, which makes them easy to tear and the most efficient tapes to use when it comes to certain projects. Additionally, they both look quite similar, although masking tape is often tan and painter’s tape is blue. However, the two can be easily confused and are often used interchangeably. Although painter’s tape is designed with a crepe paper back, it oftentimes comes with a stronger one to prevent splintering and making it easy to tear away after a painting job is done.

Key Differences Between Masking & Painter’s Tape

Masking Tape

When it comes to the differences between masking and painter’s tape, there are two major differences that can often end up being costly for you, if they happen to affect your painting job.

  • Painter’s Tape is Designed to Leave Minor Residue: This key difference might seem somewhat inconsequential, however, leaving unsightly tape marks behind can often also be a chore to clean up. Most painter’s tape will come with a label stating how long the tape can be left and still be easily torn away without leaving a residue. Masking tape, on the other hand, is designed to provide a firm hold but that residue will stay behind, which is especially bothersome if using colored masking tape.
  • Paint Won’t Bleed Through Painter’s Tape: When performing a painting job, precision is key, which is why using painter’s tape is always recommended. This is because, unlike masking tape, painter’s tape is designed to be able to prevent paint from bleeding into taped off areas. However, general use masking tape can often wrinkle when it comes into contact with oil-based paints; paint can then seep in under the tape, ruining your paint job.

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