NP1 Masterseal Sealant Is an Excellent All-Around Polyurethane Sealant

NP1 Masterseal Sealant Is an Excellent All-Around Polyurethane Sealant

In construction, your build is often only as good as the sealant you use.  From large-scale jobs to backyard DIY projects, sealant is necessary to hold the build together, while protecting it from the intrusion of water and other harmful elements.  If the sealant can go beyond and add even more value, all the better!

This is exactly why we’re quick to recommend NP1 Masterseal Sealant for a wide variety of jobs.  NP1 is a polyurethane sealant that requires no primer or mixing agent, with its all-in-one formula.  It’s easy to work with and low waste.  NP1 is a great all-around sealing solution, as well as being a perfect choice in some specific situations.

Five Reasons We Reccomend NP1 Masterseal Sealant

  1. Excellent waterproofing

NP1 isn’t merely water-tight, it can be fully submerged in water without losing its grip or seal.  While not recommended for applications that will remain permanently submerged, it can resist even the most powerful sources of water.

  1. High flexibility

With a joint movement capability of ±35%, NP1 Masterseal Sealant allows for a wide range of shift and movement, without letting go.  This also expands the range of materials and applications it’s suitable for, including jobs where the resulting structure may be expected to move substantially.NP1 Masterseal Sealant

  1. Bonds to almost any building materials

NP1 is a generalist when it comes to the substrates it bonds to.  From concrete to aluminum, there are relatively few materials that won’t form a strong seal when NP1 is used.  It’s also resistant to a wide range of hot and cold, making it appropriate for most climates.

  1. High degrees of soundproofing

Another area where NP1 Masterseal Sealant excels is in the creation of soundproofed rooms and other spaces focused on acoustics.  NP1 is also highly effective for reducing sound transmission in partition spaces, allowing for higher STC ratings.  It’s one of our best products for creating soundproof seals.

  1. Color customization 

NP1 Masterseal Sealant comes in twelve colors out of the box, so that it can match the look of many different materials and projects.  However, it’s also paintable!  If any of the available colors don’t match your needs, it’s simple to customize and render almost invisible.

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