How to Properly Apply NP1 Masterseal Sealant


How to Properly Apply NP1 Masterseal Sealant

NP1 Masterseal Sealant is one of our most-recommended products, due to its high level of versatility in a wide range of applications.  It’s a single-component polyurethane sealant with no need for primer (in most situations), which produces seals so water-tight that it can even be submerged for short periods without being compromised.  Also, it has a high level of joint movement capability, ±35%, and is an excellent material for sound-proofing and acoustic applications as well.

However, this is only true if it’s properly applied.  As with all sealants, its effectiveness is highly dependent on the conditions under which it is utilized.  Here are some important tips to keep in mind when utilizing NP1 Masterseal Sealant.

Four Must-Dos When Working withNP1 Masterseal Sealant

  1. Make sure the substrate is entirely cured, cleaned, and dried

Most of the time when a sealant fails to bond, it’s because the substrate was not properly prepared.  NP1 Masterseal Sealant needs its substrate to be fully cured, if applicable, and then thoroughly washed to remove as many contaminants as possible.  It also needs a surface that is as dry as possible, to achieve maximum adhesion.

  1. Control the flow with the tip cut

Know how wide you need your bead to be!  When working with standard 300ml cartridges of NP1, you can control the width of the sealant bead based on where you cut the tip.  Don’t get in a hurry; you’ll potentially save yourself a lot of difficulty – or wasted product – if you first measure the width of the space and then cut the tip to match.

  1. Fill from deep to shallow

To ensure a full fill which leaves no gaps, apply the NP1 Masterseal Sealant beginning at the deepest part of the material.  Fully coat the lowest level, then work your way outwards towards the surface of the material.  Don’t try to simply work left to right, or similar, or there will almost undoubtedly be gaps in the fill.

  1. Finish with a concave shape

For best long-term results after filling with sealant, dry tool the joint to create a concave surface.  This will help maintain the seal, keeping your joint secure for years to come.

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