How To Apply MasterSeal TC 235

The MasterSeal TC 235: 1500 Traffic System is a polyurethane top coat created to be utilized with MasterSeal Traffic 1500 deck coating systems. The additional benefit of UV resistance comes with using the moisture-curing TC 235. The TC 235 Tint Base solution supports a variety of color applications and is ideally suited for pedestrian applications. In this post, we’ll tell you all about the steps to take when applying MasterSeal TC 235!

What Are MasterSeal TC 235’s Key Advantages?

  • 40 basic colors are offered
  • MasterSeal TC 235 Tint Base material comes in short-filled pails, making it simple to combine with MasterSeal 945 aggregate
  • low volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Less water and exempt solvents, MasterSeal TC 235 has a g/L VOC content of  95 g/L
  • Simple preparation reduces on-site labor expenditures

Where Are the Suggested Uses for MasterSeal TC 235?

  • Stadium arenas
  • Plaza Decks
  • Parking Garages
  • Commercial Projects
  • Balconies

How To Apply MasterSeal TC 235   

Five gallons of TC 235 Tint Base and two (2) Master Builders Solutions MasterSeal 900 color packets should be mixed together to generate the desired color tint. Just one (1) MasterSeal 900 color pack is required (only a 2.5-gallon fill) when using short-filled TC 235 pails.  A second layer might be required for adequate coverage when using the TC 235 Tint Base. Please be aware that MasterSeal TC 235 Tint Base is solely intended for pedestrian use and is not intended to accommodate automotive traffic.

We advise taking note of the following application guidelines for the best outcomes:

  • As much as possible, do not whip air into the tint base.
  • Mix the pigment cans into the tint base completely.
  • Always run a test on a small area to guarantee desired color appearance and sliding resistance.
  • Using the TC 235 tint base heavier than the suggested 25 mils is not advised (0.64 mm).

You should also take into account the possibility of colors fading slightly over time in regions exposed to direct sunlight. Deeper colors tend to fade more quickly. Last but not least, color and appearance can be impacted by various aggregate and substrate conditions during application.

Top Tips for Storing MasterSeal TC 235

If possible, keep your MasterSeal TC 235 products in sealed containers in cold, clean, and dry spaces. MasterSeal TC 235 has a shelf life of up to a year when stored according to the recommended guidelines.

It has been demonstrated that TC 235 may cure in 12 to 14 hours when tested at 73 °F (23 °C) and 50% relative humidity.

When applying MasterSeal TC 235, make sure to read, comprehend, and adhere to the instructions on all product labels and Material Safety Data Sheets.

Why Buy MasterSeal TC 235 from Metro Sealant?

For several businesses in the construction sector, Metro Sealant has proven itself to be a trusted supplier of the best-grade sealants and coatings available.

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