How to Repair Cracked Concrete


How to Repair Cracked Concrete

When it comes to your concrete, cracks can cause serious problems, especially if they’re left unattended. Cracks on your driveway, walkway or parking lot can cause your concrete to crumble, lead to potholes and sinkholes, and make it unsafe for driving and walking. That’s why the team from Metro Sealant is here to help.

Below, we’ve collected some insightful concrete repair tips to help you fix that cracked concrete, so let’s take a look.

Why Does Concrete Crack?

 Before jumping into some tips for repairing your cracked concrete, it’s important to understand why exactly concrete cracks. Often, concrete can develop hairline cracks if it wasn’t sealed properly; this increases the wear and tear and lessens its lifespan. Other major factors that contribute to concrete cracking include bad drainage systems, thermal and soil issues, and foundation problems.

Should I Use Concrete Crack Filler?

 Depending on the size of your concrete cracks, using a concrete crack filler may be the easiest way to repair it and have it looking as good as new. Small, hairline cracks can be easily repaired using a vinyl concrete patching material, then leveling it with a trowel or knife to ensure the patch is installed correctly. For narrow cracks that might go deeper than they appear, employing foam backer rod is often a good idea. This will give your concrete restoration material the foundation it needs. Backer rod comes in different shapes and sizes and is solid foam; always use a backer rod that is slightly wider than the crack’s width to ensure it sits snugly inside it.

What is the Rout-&-Seal Crack Repair Method?

 If you’re trying to repair cracks that let water into your home or commercial building, you’ll likely benefit from the rout-and-seal crack repair method. This type of crack repair employs a grinder that makes a trench in the crack, then seals it afterward. Since the routing allows for more movement of the concrete, it’s less likely to stress when under pressure from heat changes, vibration, and other factors, minimizing major cracks and leaks.

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