How to Avoid Costly Roofing Mistakes


Avoiding Roofing Mistakes

Whether you’re a roofing expert or it’s your first time performing DIY repairs, everyone can use a few helpful tips. When installing tiles or waterproofing your roof any errors can lead to costly repairs down the road, which is why many have a checklist to make sure no stone is left unturned.

The professionals from Metro Sealant understand how important roofing work is, which is why we want to share our industry checklist with you. Help avoid costly issues with these helpful tips below.

Avoid Costly Roofing Errors with this Pre-Installation Checklist  

To help you avoid costly roofing mistakes, the professionals from Carlisle Waterproofing have compiled a helpful checklist for you here. This includes some of the most important duties that need to be performed prior to a roofing job, such as:

  • Creating a Material Quantity Checklist
  • Project Timeline Schedule
  • Dewatering Process
  • Slab Anchor Installation
  • Soil Retention Anchor Installation
  • Slab & Wall Design
  • Anchoring Reinforcement
  • Utility Installation (Support & Anchoring)
  • Foamwork
  • Concrete Placement
  • Shotcrete Placement
  • Quality Assurance
  • & More

Above are just a few considerations to make when performing roof repairs or waterproofing that will help you avoid costly errors.

Why Choose Metro Sealant?  

For more than 30 years, the team from Metro Sealant has been providing homeowners and commercial contractors with the tools, materials, and accessories they need to perform sealant and waterproofing services. By teaming up with today’s leading industry manufacturers, like Carlisle, Boss, 3M, Albion, and more, our team is able to provide our customers with the most innovative products available on the market at prices that can’t be beat. We operate four locations in Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach, Maryland, and Richmond that are always fully stocked with the latest products.

When you place your trust in the hands of Metro Sealant, it’s our goal to give you more than just materials when you shop with us. All of our staff members are experienced experts, and we pride ourselves on offering technical expertise and support, along with competitive pricing you won’t find elsewhere.

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