3 Different Types of Foundation Cracks

3 Different Types of Foundational Cracks

The foundation of your home and business needs to be in great shape, otherwise, it can cause serious issues, such as leaks, structural damage, and more. That’s why identifying foundation cracks and repairing them as soon as they arise is essential. However, it isn’t always easy to determine when there’s a problem, so the team from Metro Sealant has collected some insightful facts for you.

Here are the three most common types of foundation cracks to watch out for.

Diagonal Cracks  

One of the most common foundation cracks to encounter is diagonal cracks that run along your foundation or basement wall at a slight angle. Often, such cracks can appear thin in some areas, but will almost always be wider at one end or another; this is caused when one side of your foundation settles more than another. There is a range of causes for this type of crack, such as water eroding the soil under your home’s foundation, having your home being built upon a hill, and other factors. Investing in a quality sealant, like Pecora Sealant, to fix the crack is important.

Vertical Cracks  

This type of crack appears most frequently and is the easiest type of foundation crack to repair. Vertical cracks often go straight up or down or bear a slight angle and are usually caused by the settling of your home’s foundation. Even the newest of homeowners may begin noticing slight vertical cracks in their foundation as their new home settles. However, don’t worry, the issue can be easily fixed with a little urethane or epoxy sealant injected directly into the crack.

Horizontal Cracks  

This is the most serious type of foundation crack to look out for because it signifies that your home’s structural integrity is at risk. Such cracks are most common in homes that have concrete-block and brick foundations, although seeing them in homes with foundations of poured concrete isn’t unheard of. Repairing horizontal cracking is often an investment and will usually require reinforcing your foundation in order to fix the problem.

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