How To Use MiraDRAIN 6000 Installation Products


How To Use MiraDRAIN 6000 Installation Products

As one of today’s leading sealant and waterproofing companies, Metro Sealant has worked with many different types of contractors and DIY enthusiasts on nearly every type of project you can think of. One of the products we consistently recommend is MiraDRAIN 6000, one of the best waterproofing solutions manufactured by Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing.

There are several reasons why MiraDRAIN 6000 is consistently a best seller, such as:

  • Offering high-flow drainage capacity.
  • No-clogging drainage performance.
  • High endurance when it comes to stress and wear and tear.
  • Enhanced waterproofing.
  • Relief for hydrostatic pressure buildup again subterranean surfaces.
  • & Much More!

How Do I Install MiraDRAIN 6000 for My Next Project

MiraDRAIN 6000 is extremely versatile and can be installed on anything from foundation walls and retaining walls for waterproofing purposes, to buttresses, landfills, and more. It can be easily cut with scissors or a utility blade and slurries or shotcrete can be placed directly onto either side of the panels. Native soils can also be used over MiraDRAIN, although you should perform further research to ensure it’s safe and legal to be used in the environment you’re working in.

For Vertical Applications:

  • Place the longitudinal edge of the core against the wall, and ensure it is flush with the wall footing.
  • Attach the subsequent panels in a shingle-like fashion, laying them and making certain they overlap at the bottom and remain flush with the wall footing at all times.

When Installing MiraDRAIN 6000 in Columns:

  • Start by attaching the panel to the lower point of the wall.
  • Join each adjacent panel with the lateral edge of the connecting panel placed over the flanged edge of the panel previously attached.

Installing against non-waterproofed walls:

  • When installing MiraDRAIN 6000 along non-waterproofed walls, an additional sealing agent is required, such as tape or fasteners with substrate and one-inch washers to ensure adhesion.

Our Limited Warranty

All of the Carlisle Coatings & Waterproof products available from Metro Sealant come equipped with a limited warranty that they are free of manufacturer defects, ensuring a safe return on your investment.

To learn more about today’s leading waterproofing and sealants applications, contact Metro Sealant online today or call (866) 695-6617.