MasterSeal NP2 Sealant – The Application Process Explained

MasterSeal NP2 Sealant

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor project, MasterSeal NP2 Sealant is a great weather-resistant seal that is easy to gun for cleaner joints and can even be used for applications that will be immersed in water. So, here is some info for applying this sealant and some other tips to help.

MasterSeal NP2 Sealant

Prepping the Surface

Always work with surfaces that are completely cured, clean, and dry. It is vital that your substrate does not have any wax, rust, grime, sealant excess, paint, or other materials.

  • If you are working with masonry, concrete, or stone you can clean the surface with a wire brush, or you can grind or sandblast the area to fully clean the area.
  • For wood, regardless of if it is old or new wood, always thoroughly dry and clean the surface. If the wood you are using has any coating, be sure you find out what it is so you can know if the sealant will work and/or so you can use the correct primer.
  • Similar to the concrete and wood, be sure to clean and rid the surface of rust, previous loose coatings, or scale. Always test coating to be certain that the sealant will adhere and to know the primer you can use.

Preparation for Joint Application

For best use, you should aim for a sealant depth of about half of the width of the joint. Always have your depth in between half an inch and no less than a quarter of an inch. A joint width of three inches is the absolute maximum recommended.

Utilize a soft baker rod or a closed cell back rod with your sealant when working with deep joints. To ensure that you don’t end up with three-point binding, always use a bond breaker in situations like these.

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