Everything You Need to Know About MasterSeal NP1 Sealant

MasterSeal NP1 Sealant
At Metro Sealant, we not only want to provide you with the best sealant and waterproofing options and products, but we’re also here to help with product and application questions as well. In this post, we take a look at MasterSeal NP1 Sealant and highlight some of its benefits and other important information you might want to know about. MasterSeal NP1 Sealant
  • About MasterSeal NP1 Sealant
MasterSeal NP1 Sealant is a versatile and extremely high-performance elastomeric polyurethane sealant. Since you don’t have to mix or prime your surface, it is a very popular bonding product due to its ease of use.
  • Applications
Its primary use is for sound dampening and it is utilized as an acoustic sealant since it reduces the transmission of sound. Once dried, it is similar to rubber and provides a durable seal that is meant to last. This sealant can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects. This sealant also a very popular choice for roof tile work, repair, and installation due to its durability and performance. It can come in a variety of custom colors and if you are looking for bulk and large projects, NP-2 is a great option too.
  • Easy to Use
As mentioned, MasterSeal NP1 Sealant is very workable and is simple to gun, making it a great option for all users – regardless of experience.
  • The Curing Process
Depending on the climate you are working in (humid vs. dry), the cure time for this sealant can vary. Ideally, if the humidity level is about 50% and the temperature is 75 °F (24 °C), a total cure will take approximately a full week. For immersion with metal structures submerged in water, the curing time will take around 21 days.
  • Can I Paint Over It?
Yes, if your MasterSeal NP1 Sealant is completely cured and clean, it can be painted with elastomeric paint. Keep in mind not to use any oil-based caulking, sealants, or other products with asphalt, tar, or oil when using NP1 – this is very important.

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