BSM 400 5 Gallon : Protectosil Chemtrete Silane Sealer


  • High resistance to wind-driven rain
  • Excellent resistance to chloride ion ingress
  • Reduced efflorescence
  • Breathable system
  • Deep penetration into substrate
  • No change in surface appearance
  • No masking of windows necessary
  • High resistance to alkali attack
  • Long service life
  • Substrates already treated with Protectosil CHEM-TRETE BSM 400 can be painted over
  • Keeps substrates cleaner
  • Coverage approximately 200 SQFT per gallon

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BSM 400 brings you the next generation in silane technology. Our chemists have developed a pure silane that yields a water repellent with the longest service life available, unsurpassed performance on brick masonry and the lowest possible levels of volatile organic compounds. Protectosil CHEM-TRETE BSM 400 can be applied in the most extreme temperature conditions without changing the surface appearance of the substrate. Questions? Contact us

By penetrating the surface and creating a chemical bond, Protectosil CHEM-TRETE BSM-400 permanently attaches to the substrate. It is ideal for use on exterior above-grade brick masonry, concrete and most natural stones.

By reducing the amount of water entering the substrate, Protectosil CHEM-TRETE BSM-400 reduces the intrusion of waterborne contaminants such as acid rain, salt and dirt, and reduces the deteriorating effects of these contaminants, including spalling, scaling, efflorescence, leaching and staining.

For use on brick masonry, to protect against the ingress of wind-driven rain. For use on vertical concrete structures, to protect the reinforcing steel from corrosion due to the effects of water and other waterborne contaminants.

Reduces the effects of mildew, efflorescence, and stains on vertical concrete and masonry buildings. Imparts water repel- lency to a substrate for an extended time.

Provides resistance against acid rain, alkali attack and other atmospheric pollutants.


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