Dynatrol I-XL Hybrid 20oz Sausage


Dynatrol I-XL Hybrid

  • Unique hybrid STPU (silylterminated polyurethane)
  • Multiple colors available
  • Long lifespan and fast curing
  • Designed to seal dynamic joints between dissimilar materials
  • Low modulus
  • Application Temperature: 30 minutes at 77F (25C), 50% relative humidity.

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Introducing Dynatrol I-XL Hybrid – the ultimate solution for all your caulking and joint sealing needs. Whether it’s exterior or interior applications, dynamic joints, or manufacturing processes, this high-performance hybrid STPU (silyl-terminated polyurethane) sealant, brought to you by Pecora Corporation, is here to redefine your sealing experience.
Designed to excel in various scenarios, Dynatrol I-XL Hybrid boasts a unique STPU chemistry, setting it apart from standard urethane-based sealants. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and yellowing surfaces as this one-part, moisture-curing, gun-grade sealant is completely isocyanate-free, leaving your project spotless and free from unsightly blemishes.
What makes this hybrid sealant truly exceptional is its unmatched adhesion to dissimilar materials, accommodating joint movement of ±50% of the original joint width. Whether you’re working on porous or non-porous surfaces, expect a low modulus rubber cure that delivers long-lasting flexibility without cracking, crazing, or yellowing, even under the relentless exposure of UV light.
Advantages of Dynatrol I-XL Hybrid:
– Non-Staining and Non-Yellowing: Keep your surfaces pristine and vibrant without the worry of discoloration.
– Paintable: Achieve your desired finish with ease by painting over the sealant once tack-free.
– Exceptional Adhesion: Experience unrivaled bonding properties on various substrates.
– Moisture Tolerant: Seal joints with confidence, even in damp conditions.
– Low VOC and Isocyanate-Free: Embrace an eco-friendly solution without compromising performance.
– Long Life and Fast Cure: Rest assured of lasting durability with a quick curing process.
– Exterior and interior caulking of door and window perimeters
– Expansion and control joints
– Coping and coping to façade joints
– Cornice and wash joints
– Pre-cast tilt-up panels
– EIFS and architectural panels
– Underside of precast planks
– Top of non-load bearing walls
– Fiber cement siding
– Suited for manufacturing in travel trailers, mobile homes, PVC windows, doors, and automotive/OEM applications.

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Choose from a range of colors including Tru-White, Black, Anodized Aluminum, Precast, Aluminum Stone, Limestone, Classic Bronze, EIFS Tan, and Window Tan. For custom colors, contact your Pecora Rep for more details.
Technical Data:
Dynatrol I-XL Hybrid meets or exceeds various industry standards, ensuring optimal performance in your projects. See the Typical Properties Chart for specific testing details.
Installation and Maintenance:
Proper joint design and surface preparation are essential for the best results. The sealant can be painted with compatible coatings once tack-free and fully cured. For maintenance, simply recaulk damaged areas if the bond remains intact, or follow the installation guidelines for more extensive repairs.
Availability and Cost:
Pecora products are readily available through stocking distributors nationwide. For information on a nearby representative, visit our website or call the number provided.
Pecora Corporation stands behind the quality of its products. The warranty covers defect-free materials used according to the recommended guidelines. Please refer to our warranty policy for further details.
Technical Services:
Our knowledgeable representatives are ready to assist you in selecting the right product and offering on-site support. For inquiries, contact our Technical Service Department.
Choose Dynatrol I-XL Hybrid for superior performance, lasting adhesion, and unparalleled versatility. From dynamic joint sealing to manufacturing applications, trust Pecora Corporation’s innovative solution to meet your sealing challenges. Get ready to experience excellence in every seal!
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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 2 in

Aluminum Stone, Anodized Aluminum, Black, Charcoal, Classic Bronze, EIFS Tan, Limestone, Precast, Tru White, Window Tan