Euclid Kurez DR VOX : Liquid Membrane Compound


• Use of this product ensures proper curing resulting in stronger, more wear-resistant concrete
• Helps to minimize dusting
• Film breaks down when exposed to UV & traffic
• Available in a fugitive dye formulation

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Euclid Kurez DR VOX : Liquid Membrane Compound

Euclid Kurez DR VOX is a water-based resin, reduced odor, liquid membrane forming curing compound formulated with dissipating agents. Euclid Kurez DR VOX provides an excellent initial cure for concrete, then it begins to break down and deteriorate upon exposure to traffic and UV light. After cleaning to completely remove the KUREZ DR VOX, the concrete is ready for the application of coverings, coatings, or sealers. Questions? Contact Us.

• Curing interior or exterior* concrete
• Concrete that will later receive a covering or coating
• Where a long term membrane film is not desired on the concrete surface

Surface Preparation: As soon as possible after final troweling (or stripping of forms in vertical applications), apply KUREZ DR VOX at the recommended coverage rate.

Mixing: Material may separate during long term storage. Mild agitation or mixing is required before use.

Application: Apply at a uniform coverage by spray or roller application. Product may be sprayed with a hand held “pump-up” sprayer or an airless industrial sprayer. On vertical surfaces such as walls and columns, KUREZ DR VOX should be applied immediately after forms are stripped. Do not apply at a thicker film than the suggested coverage rates allow. Heavy or uneven application can result in slow dissipation, difficult removal of the KUREZ DR VOX, and may discolor the concrete surface. On interior hard troweled floors where a liquid densifier will be applied (and with approval from the project engineer), the coverage rate of KUREZ DR VOX may be increased to 400 ft2/gal (9.8 m2/L) in order to facilitate easier removal.

Dissipation and Cleaning: The exact time for dissipation/break down of KUREZ DR VOX will vary depending on application rate, moisture level in the concrete, and the amount of exposure to UV light and construction traffic. KUREZ DR VOX will continue to dissipate and become increasingly easier to remove as time passes. Floors to receive coatings, sealers and coverings must be cleaned thoroughly to ensure complete removal of KUREZ DR VOX. The use of a heavy-duty floor cleaner such as EUCO CLEAN & STRIP is recommended to
aid cleaning and removal. Scrub the floor with the cleaner and stiff bristle mechanical equipment, then rinse well with clean water. Heavy-duty mechanical means may also be used for removal, such as heavy-duty water blasting or abrasive methods like sanding or grinding. After proper clean-up, follow the instructions of the sealer, coating or covering manufacturer for the recommended surface preparation for the particular product to be applied. The use of KUREZ DR VOX does not eliminate the need to adequately clean and prepare the surface
to assure good adhesion of the applied product, particularly when concrete or terrazzo toppings are to follow.

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