Euclid Aqua-Cure VOX: Curing & Sealing


• Forms an efficient moisture barrier for optimum curing of concrete
• Seals concrete surfaces to protect against the effects of weathering
• Increases durability by promoting proper cement hydration
• Helps prevent dusting of new concrete
• Dries to a clear transparent film that resists yellowing under exterior or ultraviolet exposure
• Gives an alternative to solvent-based materials where fumes may be objectionable, undesirable, or non-compliant

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Euclid Aqua-Cure VOX: Curing & Sealing

Euclid Aqua-Cure VOX is a water-based acrylic polymer curing and sealing compound. Euclid AQUA-CURE VOX is suitable for use over new and old concrete and performs well on both interior and exterior surfaces. It enables fresh concrete to maintain adequate moisture, seals the surface, and provides an attractive sheen. Questions? Contact Us.

Primary Applications:
• Hospitals
• Exterior concrete
• Walls
• Industrial floors
• Basements & footings
• Interior & exterior concrete surfaces
• Pavements

Surface Preparation: For existing concrete, the surface must be clean of any and all surface contaminants, and free of standing water. If applying AQUA-CURE VOX to previously sealed concrete, call Euclid Chemical to check compatibility. If the chemical makeup of the previous sealer is unknown, a small test section is strongly recommended to check compatibility between AQUA-CURE VOX and the old sealer. When applying AQUACURE VOX to freshly poured concrete as a cure & seal, the surface bleed water must be allowed to evaporate
prior to applying AQUA-CURE VOX, and the surface must be hard enough as to not be marred during product application.

Mixing: AQUA-CURE VOX requires no pre-blending prior to use. Euclid Chemical water-based cure & seals, like AQUA-CURE VOX, are not compatible with Euclid Universal Color Packs or Euco Grip. If use of color or slipresistant additive is desired, consider using a Euclid Chemical solvent-based cure & seal instead.

Application: Apply at the recommended coverage rate using an industrial pump-up sprayer with a high-solids nozzle and a short-nap roller. Apply sealer uniformly to the concrete using sprayer, then lightly backroll the sealer to ensure even coverage. Maintain a “wet edge” while spraying, and backroll over sprayer lap marks for best appearance. AQUA-CURE VOX may be applied by roller alone, but extra care must be taken to ensure that the sealer is applied uniformly, and at the proper coverage rate. Re-distribute any puddles or runs before
AQUA-CURE VOX dries. Protect freshly coated surfaces from rain or heavy fog for a minimum of 24 hours after application. Application of AQUA-CURE VOX too heavily, in too many successive coats, or in multiple coats from re-sealing too frequently can cause failure to dry completely, bubbling, whitening, peeling, flaking, and ultimately, failure of the product. To prevent over-application, it is good practice to measure the area to be sealed and then measure the corresponding volume of product required based on the coverage rate. In addition, applying AQUA-CURE VOX in hot weather/direct sunlight or onto a hot surface can cause bubbling. For additional guidance in applying Euclid Chemical curing and sealing compounds, visit our website to see an instructional video on the procedure.

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