Euclid Aqua Dam 100


  • Bonds to both wet and dry surfaces
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Great for small jobs where normal equipment isn’t feasible
  • Forms watertight seal inside substrate
  • Grout packed in single cartridges for easy use
  • 1 Year unopened shelf life
  • Application Temperature: Avoid exceeding 90F when warming

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DURAL AQUA-DAM 100: The Hydrophobic Solution for Water Infiltration!
Discover the convenience of DURAL AQUA-DAM 100, a hydrophobic polyurethane grout packed in a single cartridge. Perfect for small jobs where traditional pumping equipment isn’t feasible, it’s injected into concrete and sound substrates to halt water from invading unwanted spaces. With a tenacious bond to wet and dry substrates, this grout forms a watertight seal within the substrate, exhibiting minimal shrinkage after curing.
Primary Applications:
• Leaking cracks and joints
• Mines & tunnels
• Basement walls
• Sewers & manholes
• Below-grade walls subject to high water tables
Features & Benefits:
• Tenacious bond to wet and dry substrates
• Requires very little water to react and cure
• Fast reaction time
• Remains active when water subsides
• Minimal shrinkage
• Excellent elongation to handle moving cracks and joints
Directions for Use:
1. Surface & Crack Preparation: Clean the surface thoroughly, making the crack or joint fully visible. Vigorously clean with a wire brush or grinder’s wire wheel for maximum penetration. Consider drilling pilot holes if needed.
2. Mixing: Shake DURAL AQUA-DAM 100 cartridges before dispensing to ensure uniformity.
3. Placement: Flush out the crack or joint with water before dispensing. Begin at the lowest point for vertical cracks or either end for horizontal ones. Slowly dispense the grout into the crack, and it will displace the water and foam up as it travels. Move the cartridge as the grout progresses until reaching the top or end of the crack. Once cured, the grout will resemble a hardened foam.
4. Clean Up: Remove excess grout with a margin trowel or scraper. For a pleasing finish, apply an aesthetically pleasing compound over the grouted area if desired.
• Colder temperatures affect viscosity and setting times.
• Avoid exceeding 90°F (32°C) when warming the product.
• The water mixed with DURAL AQUA-DAM 100 must have a pH range of 3-10.
• Store material at room temperature and avoid freezing conditions.
• Consult the Safety Data Sheet before use.
Put an end to water infiltration with DURAL AQUA-DAM 100. Its practical single-cartridge packaging and efficient performance make it the ideal choice for stopping water in its tracks!
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