Tremco Paramastic


  • Prevents leakage in concrete formations
  • Hassle-free application
  • Adaptable seal


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When it comes to safeguarding your structures against the relentless threat of water leakage, look no further than Paraseal Paramastic. Engineered to perfection, Paramastic is an advanced and expandable mastic designed to seamlessly complement the Paraseal waterproofing membrane system.
Uncompromised Protection:
Paramastic is your frontline defense against water infiltration in critical areas where vulnerabilities persist. Whether dealing with penetrations, honeycombs, unfilled ties, or spalled concrete, it rises to the challenge, forming a robust barrier that keeps water at bay.
Innovative Expandability:
Thanks to its unique expandable formulation, when applied, it adheres diligently to irregular surfaces, establishing an unyielding seal that can adapt to varying conditions. As the name suggests, Paramastic expands to accommodate movement and shifts, ensuring long-lasting protection that remains intact over time.
Seamless Integration:
Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Paraseal waterproofing membrane system, Paramastic reinforces the integrity of the entire waterproofing system. Its compatibility with Paraseal products creates a cohesive and impenetrable shield, leaving no room for water to compromise your structure’s stability.
Ease of Application:
Paramastic is engineered not only for superior performance but also for hassle-free application. Its user-friendly nature means that it can be effortlessly applied even in challenging scenarios, ensuring a reliable and consistent seal every time.
Versatile Versatility:
No matter the scope of your waterproofing needs, Paramastic rises to the occasion. From construction projects to renovation endeavors, it excels in diverse environments, offering steadfast protection that you can count on.
Choose Paraseal Paramastic and choose unparalleled waterproofing security. Elevate your structures to a new level of durability, safeguarding them against water intrusion with a product that stands the test of time. Trust in Paramastic to fortify your defenses and keep water where it belongs – outside.
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