Sika AnchorFix 3001


  • Dual components
  • Anchoring adhesive for concretes
  • Can be used in damp conditions
  • Long open time allows for careful application
  • High performance load capacity

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Introducing Sika AnchorFix 3001, the ultimate two-part adhesive anchor designed for both cracked and uncracked concrete. This versatile anchoring adhesive offers a wide range of usage possibilities, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

With Sika AnchorFix, you can confidently anchor non-expanding anchors in structural work, secure rebar and steel reinforcement in both new and refurbishment projects, and fasten threaded rods, bolts, and special systems with ease. It is also well-suited for metalwork and carpentry applications such as handrails, balustrades, supports, railings, window and door frames, offering exceptional performance and reliability.
Sika AnchorFix provides excellent adhesion to various substrates, ensuring a strong and durable bond. It is compatible with concrete, both cracked and uncracked, hollow and solid masonry, wood, natural and reconstituted stone, as well as solid rock. This versatility allows for flexible and effective anchoring solutions in different construction scenarios.
The advantages of Sika AnchorFix 3001 are numerous. Its long open time provides sufficient working time, allowing for precise application without rushing. It can be used in damp concrete conditions, ensuring adaptability to challenging environments. With its high load capacity, Sika AnchorFix guarantees secure anchoring, giving you peace of mind in demanding projects.
Sika AnchorFix meets industry standards and requirements, including compliance with ETA to ETAG 001 for anchoring in cracked concrete and rebar connections. It has been tested and approved for seismic performance (C1) and complies with ESR to AC308 by ICC-ES, ensuring reliable anchoring in cracked concrete under static, wind, and earthquake loading conditions. Additionally, it is suitable for contact with drinking water, providing added safety in relevant applications. Its fire-resistant properties further enhance its suitability for various environments. The styrene-free formulation promotes a safer working environment, prioritizing the well-being of users.
You can expect excellent adhesion to the substrate and a shrinkage-free hardening process with Sika AnchorFix 3001. It is compatible with standard sealant guns using a 250 ml cartridge, making application convenient and minimizing wastage.
Choose Sika AnchorFix 3001 for your anchoring needs and experience the strength, versatility, and reliability that it delivers. Trust Sika, a leader in adhesive technology, to provide the solution for your anchoring challenges.
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