Sika AnchorFix 500


  • Two-component anchoring adhesive
  • Designed for anchoring threaded rods and reinforcing bars in concrete
  • Creates a pick-proof seal after use
  • High-performance and high strength

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The Sika AnchorFix 500 adhesive anchor system is a high-performance, two-component adhesive specifically designed for threaded rods and reinforcing bars in uncracked concrete, making it ideal for transport applications. It can be used for adhesive anchoring and doweling in uncracked concrete substrates. Additionally, it serves as a pick-proof sealant, offering enhanced security around windows, doors, lock-ups, and more in correctional facilities, schools, hospitals, and other institutions.


Some of the best uses for Sika AnchorFix 500 include:
1. Adhesive anchoring and doweling into uncracked concrete substrates.
2. Acting as a pick-proof sealant around windows, doors, lock-ups, etc.
The Sika AnchorFix 500 adhesive anchor system offers several advantages for various applications:
– Capable of fixing close to free edges.
– Provides versatility with a wide range of embedment depths.
– Allows for anchoring without expansion forces.
– Simple component volume ratio of 1:1.
– Extended working time for easier application.
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