Sika 320: Non-Sag Liquid Membrane 5G


▪ Easy Application▪ Applies on green and damp concrete
▪ Can be applied horizontally and vertically
▪ Alkali Resistant
▪ Quick Re-coat time
▪ Apply vertically up to 90 mils
▪ Solvent Free

▪ Meets the requirements of ASTM C 836

Ability to catalyze with water

▪ Faster cure rate

▪ Reduce chance of pinholes from concrete outgassing

Application temperature: 75F (24C) 50% Relative humidity

Coverage Rate: See technical Data sheet for coverage


Technical Data Sheet 

Safety Data Sheet 

Sika 320 Coverage Calculator

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Sika 320: Non-Sag Liquid Membrane 5G

Sika-320 NS is a single component, Non-Sag, liquid
applied, bitumen modified, coal tar free, moisture cured
polyurethane waterproofing membrane.

Our most commonly used drainboard is Carlisle 6200



▪ Planters
▪ Between Slabs
▪ Plazas and Pavers
▪ Foundation Walls
▪ Bridges and Tunnels



Surfaces may be dry or damp, but must be sound and
free of standing water, dust, laitance, grease, curing
compounds, impregnations, waxes and any other
contaminants. Scratch and remove sheen for metal
surfaces before applying primer. Scratch marine grade
and high density plywood with sandpaper before
applying primer.


Before application, Sikalastic-320 NS should be
thoroughly mixed using a mechanical mixer and jiffy
style paddle at slow speed for 2 minutes minimum to
ensure a homogeneous material. Take care not to allow
entrapment of air into the material. Do not mix in an up
and down motion.

Using Optional Water Catalyst: Before application,
mix Sikalastic®-320 NS using a mechanical mixer and jiffy
style mixing paddle at a slow speed. At a ratio 1 part of
water to no less than 40 parts Sikalastic®-320 NS. For a 5
gal pail, add 1 pint (16 oz) of water (less water may be
used to extend working time). Use care not to allow the
entrapment of air into the mixture. Do not mix in an up
and down motion. Once water is mixed with Sikalastic®-
320 NS apply within 20 minutes.


Sikalastic®-320 NS may be applied with a brush,
squeegee, trowel, or roller. Apply up to 90 mils vertically
and 120 mils horizontally per coat. Mix Sikalastic®-320
NS with water to greatly reduce the chance of pinhole
formation from concrete out-gassing and improve cure
rate. Cured membrane must be pinhole free after
application to validate warranty. (Contact Sika Technical
Services for Plaza Deck applications where vegetation is


Some warranties and/or substrates may require
the use of a primer. See “Sikalastic® 320 Warranty
Guidelines” for more information. Use the following
primers accordingly: Sikadur® 22 LM FS for concrete,
PVC and marine-grade or high-density plywood;Sikaflex®
Primer 449 for PVC; Sikalastic Recoat Primer for
Fiberglass; and Sikalastic® PF Lo-VOC Primer for all other surfaces including concrete, EIFS, DensGlass, metal, and
marine-grade or high-density plywood.


Sikalastic®-320 NS | Liquid-Applied Waterproofing | Sika Canada


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