Spetec Pur H100: Injection Resin 5 Gallon


  • Water cut-off of large flow and high pressure water leaks.
  • Water cut-off of water leaks in foundations such as diaphragm walls,piling sheets and secant piles.
  • Stabilization and water cut-off of large cracks, voids and gravel layers.
  • Pre and post injections in mines, tunnels, pipe jacking, drill & blastand TBM applications.
  • Injections in combination with cement-based grout.
  • Crack and gravel layer injections in concrete structures.
  • Soil stabilization and anchors in porous geology.
  • Water cut-off of sewer water leaks and sewer stabilization.
  • Probe grouting for below grade pipes.
  • Manhole injections.

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