HH+ Sikafix : Polyurethane, Chemical Grout



  •  Easy to apply, one component with accelerator
  • Hydrophobic, only a small amount of water is needed for reaction
  • Expands up to 30 times the liquid volume
  • Non-flammable
  • Contains no volatile solvents
  • 100% solids
  • Non-Toxic formulation

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HH+ Sikafix is a hydrophobic polyurethane foam grout that, when used with accelerator, is designed to stop water infiltration and fill voids outside a structure or joint and cracks in concrete structures. It may also be used in applications with high pressure flowing water. Questions about HH+? Contact Us.


  • Fill joints or cracks in concrete structures that exhibit some movement
  • Fill voids such as rock fissures, crushed fault or gravel layers
  • May be used in applications with high pressure water flow
  •  Curtain wall grouting below grade structures

Prior to installation, the material should be agitated by vigorously shaking the 5-gallon pail or by mixing with a jiffy mixer, bung mixer or by hand. Prior to using SikaFix Accelerator, the container should be shaken vigorously as the contents may settle during storage. For normal use, each 5 gallon unit of SikaFix® HH+ should be used with one pint container of SikaFix Accelerator, a dosage of 2.5 %. The grout should never be used with more than 5 % SikaFix Accelerator. Excess acceleration will cause vigorous expansion that is prone to shrinkage. Pour the desired amount of SikaFix HH+ into a clean pail. Measure the appropriate amount of SikaFix Accelerator and pour it into the SikaFix® HH+ and mix adequately.

Begin by drilling 5/8” diameter holes along the side of the crack at a 45 degree angle. Drill the hole to intersect the crack midway through the substrate. Install injection packers in the holes and tighten. Spacing of the injection ports depends on crack width, but normal varies from 6” to 36”. It is always necessary to flush the drilled holes with water to remove debris and drill dust from the holes and crack. This will also ensure that the crack is wet enough to react with the grout when it is introduced to the crack. Begin the injection of the grout at the lowest packer installed on a vertical crack or at the first packer flushed for a horizontal crack. During the injection, you will notice that the SikaFix® HH+ displaces water from the crack. Continue injecting until the grout appears at the adjacent packer hole. Stop pumping and reinstall the packer in the adjacent hole. Tighten the packer and move the pump hose to the second packer and begin injection. Continue the process until 3–4 packers have been grouted. Disconnect and go back to the first packer and inject all the ports for the second time if necessary. Some ports may take additional grout, which will fill up and further densify the material in the crack. Continue process until the length of the prepared crack is injected. Note: Injection pressure will vary from 200 psi to 2500 psi depending on the width of the crack,
thickness of concrete and condition of concrete.



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