Sikafix HH+: Polyurethane Chemical Grout



  •  Easy to apply, one component with accelerator
  • Hydrophobic, only a small amount of water is needed for reaction
  • Expands up to 30 times the liquid volume
  • Non-flammable
  • Contains no volatile solvents
  • 100% solids
  • Non-Toxic formulation

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HH+ Sikafix: Polyurethane Chemical Grout

If you are looking for a reliable and simple solution to your grouting needs, then our HH Sikafix Polyurethane Chemical Grout at Metro Sealant could be the perfect product for your project. If you are willing to learn about the product’s features, you may continue reading.

About the HH+ Sikafix: Polyurethane, Chemical Grout

SikaFix HH+ is a high-performance, one-component, hydrophobic polyurethane foam grout that excels in repairing and sealing cracks and voids in concrete structures. With its unique expanding polyurethane chemical grout formulation, SikaFix HH+ is specifically engineered to provide durable and long-lasting solutions for various construction applications.

Versatile and Rapid Void Filling

One of the standout features of SikaFix HH+ is its versatility in filling voids and cracks in concrete structures. When injected, it expands rapidly to fill even the smallest spaces, effectively sealing off water infiltration points and preventing further damage. Its ability to penetrate through gravel layers and concrete substrates allows it to reach critical areas that might otherwise be challenging to address.

Environmentally Safe Application

The non-flammable nature of SikaFix HH+ ensures safe and easy application even in high-risk environments. Unlike other products that may contain volatile solvents, SikaFix HH+ emits no harmful fumes during the injection process, making it an environmentally friendly choice for repair and sealing projects.

To apply SikaFix HH+, only a small amount is needed, thanks to its expanding properties. This feature not only makes it an economical option but also reduces waste during application. The expanding nature of the grout fills voids effectively, ensuring that even hard-to-reach areas are sealed securely.

Flexibility for Long-Lasting Results

SikaFix HH+ is designed to accommodate movement in concrete structures. When exposed to high-pressure flowing water or subjected to environmental stresses, such as temperature fluctuations, the grout remains flexible. This flexibility prevents cracks from reappearing and enhances the overall longevity and integrity of the repaired concrete.

In addition to its movement capabilities, SikaFix HH+ acts as a hydrophobic barrier, repelling water and moisture. Its hydrophobic properties make it an excellent choice for sealing cracks in structures exposed to water or damp environments, such as foundations, retaining walls, and tunnels.

The expanding polyurethane chemical grout of SikaFix HH+ allows it to create a strong and permanent bond with concrete surfaces. Its ability to adhere to various substrates ensures reliable and long-lasting repairs, making it a preferred solution for repairing and rehabilitating concrete structures.

Moreover, the liquid volume of SikaFix HH+ is consistent, ensuring that it can be easily injected into even the tiniest cracks and voids. This feature facilitates precise application, ensuring that the grout reaches all critical areas, enhancing the structural stability of the repaired concrete elements.


In summary, SikaFix HH+ is a high-performance, hydrophobic polyurethane foam grout that offers exceptional properties for repairing and sealing cracks in concrete structures. Its expanding polyurethane chemical grout formulation, coupled with its ability to fill voids and accommodate movement, makes it a reliable choice for a wide range of construction projects. The one-component, non-flammable, and environmentally friendly nature of SikaFix HH+ ensures safe and efficient application, contributing to the overall durability and longevity of concrete structures. Whether it’s sealing water infiltration points, rehabilitating foundations, or repairing infrastructure, SikaFix HH+ delivers outstanding results, meeting the highest industry standards and providing peace of mind for construction professionals and engineers alike.

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Why Buy HH+ Sikafix: Polyurethane Chemical Grout from Metro Sealant?

At Metro Sealant, we understand the importance of using quality grout to complete any tiling project. This is why we specialize in supplying chemical grouts that are designed to last and look great for years to come. We provide customers with a selection of superior products that ensure superior results without breaking the bank.

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