The Importance Of Waterproofing Your Bathroom

If you have never had to face the horror of having water dripping through your bathroom ceiling, you may not realize the importance of waterproofing a bathroom just yet. However, over time, your bathroom may just quickly turn into a disaster that can incur expensive repair costs. To help the unthinkable from happening, learn more about bathroom waterproofing.

Home Improvement

When remodelling your bathroom, you will end up having to choose tiling, paint, or wallpaper that is installed directly onto plastered brickwork or plasterboard. For the flooring, it is often finished in tiles or vinyl that is directly installed on floorboards. This combination can help you to save on your home improvement project but with all that water that your bathroom gets exposed to daily, these surfaces may not offer you the waterproofing protection you need which can have great consequences in the long run.

Wet Room Solution

You can start by regarding your bathroom as a wet room. A wet room is a fully tanked room that is waterproofed through the use of adhesive and boarding to form a complete barrier against water. This significantly reduces the risk of having water penetrate outside the confining areas of the room. A room that is completely waterproof does not necessarily mean that you definitely need a walk-in shower. You can still choose to have a more traditional suite with bath and you will have plenty of options when it is time to add a shower.

Creating a Wet Room Upstairs

This is a common question for homeowners to ask and the answer is simply yes. In fact, there are many people who have misunderstood the concept that a wet room is even more likely to cause leaks. However, it is the complete opposite. Below are several reasons we would like to share on why waterproofing your bathroom is important:

  • Stops Leaks

Water will always find the fastest and easiest way to flow down as a result of gravity. If there is a crack or weak point that develops in your walls of floors or when gaps appear in the sealant between your bath and walls, it becomes so much easier for water to seep through and over time, you may just find it seeping through the ground floor.

  • Prevents Dampness and Mold

What we can easily see is just the exteriors of our floor and walls but what lies underneath is often the scary part. When remodelling your bathroom, you may have removed tiles that reveal plywood or plaster that looks rotten. This means that water has seeped through and has never been treated. With waterproofing, you can prevent condensation from happening which is the cause of mold build-up.

  • Good Insulation

Waterproofing saves your walls and floors from dampness and leaks while also providing good insulation. During winter, you will feel warm while taking a shower, and during the summer, you will feel much cooler while indoors. This also helps you to cut down on your monthly utilities as you do not rely as heavily on your HVAC system.