The Importance Of Waterproofing Your Deck

Decks are typically designed to be exposed to the elements. While this makes them ideal places to enjoy some sunshine, it also means that they are prone to be damaged. The constant heating and cooling action on the concrete deck means that it becomes prone to cracking. Water makes this problem worse as it seeps into the concrete and creates a damp undercoat beneath the concrete. When the sun heats up the concrete, the temperature difference between the two layers of concrete leads to cracks that eventually destroy your deck.

Here are some other reasons why waterproofing your deck helps.

Helps To Protect Entire Structure

When water seeps into your deck, there is the danger that this moisture will find its way into your walls. Water has a way of moving through tiny holes in the concrete and can spread over a large distance. When it seeps into the wall, it can weaken your entire house, leading to expensive repairs down the road. Water seepage can also affect your foundation, your insulation, floors, and other structures.

Protects Your Health

When the structure of your home becomes damp, there is the danger that this will pose health difficulties for you. Water makes the house cold and this can lead to respiratory problems for the occupants of the house. Damp walls can also cause joint problems, especially for elderly people with arthritis and other medical conditions. Even more dangerous, damp structures can lead to mold infestations in walls, air conditioning vents, and other such places. These mold colonies tend to release spores that, when inhaled, can cause serious health problems. By waterproofing your deck, you ensure that this eventuality is unlikely to happen.

Saves You Money

While waterproofing your deck can be expensive, the reality is that not waterproofing your deck can cost you even more. This is because structural problems, caused by water seepage, can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repair. Mold infestations can also damage your house structure and mold removal can also be very expensive. Not only will you have to do all this, but you will still end up waterproofing your deck once you are done with the concrete repairs.

With this in mind, it makes far more sense to waterproof your deck at the point in which you have it installed. This way, you keep the lower levels dry and structurally sound.

Damp walls also lead to a cold house, which means that you have to pay more in heating costs. With a well-sealed deck, you get to enjoy significant savings on your utility bills.

Increases Your House Value

Home improvements generally have the effect of increasing the value of your home. Waterproofing your deck is no exception. When you seal your deck, it is an indicator to a potential home buyer that the structure around the deck is just as sound as well. This means they will be willing to pay a little more just because of this fact.

Makes Your Home More Comfortable

With your deck sealed, you never have to worry about the concrete being damp and cold. This makes it easier for you to walk around bare feet and thus fully enjoy having your deck. The dampness can also have the effect of making your house cold. However, with no water seeping through the walls, your home remains cozy ad dry.