Understanding The Use Of Sikaflex: Where It Can Be Applied

The Arctic 2CNS Sikaflex 1.5 Gallon: Cold Weather is a multi-functional sealant that can be used to seal gaps, openings, cracks, joints in various areas of the building such as floors, walls, balconies, windows, and door frames from HINSON. This double-component, polyurethane, elastomeric-based sealant meets all the federal specifications, regulations, and standards. It will also remain non-sag, which makes it ideal for both vertical and horizontal applications in construction.

The Artic 2CNS is also renowned for its superior adhesion strength and bonding ability for mixed materials. In addition, it provides a smooth finish and the option of staining, sanding, and painting to adapt it for multiple surfaces. As such, it is also one of the best polyurethane sealants in the market as it is versatile in a range of weather conditions, remaining mixable and useable in extremely cold conditions as low as 15°F. Therefore, it can be applied to a range of different surfaces and areas of the home. Read on for the uses of sikafex in the various areas of your home.

Kitchen And Bathroom

The Artic 2CNS is a polyurethane and elastomeric sealant that provides a waterproof and air-tight seal on openings, gaps, and cracks. Therefore, it can be used in environments constantly subjected to water and moisture, like the kitchen and bathroom. In addition, the sealant can be used to prevent mold and mildew growth that happens when water seeps in the joints of the walls and the crevices around sinks, tubs, and showers. It is also ideal for tiling applications and is great for securing loose tiles due to its superior adhesion strength.

Doors And Windows

The Artic 2CNS can also seal off gaps around the trims, seams, and moldings around the window and door frames. These can be problematic as they can cause drafts or air leaks that can impact your home’s energy efficiency and cause energy loss. In addition, this means you will be more likely to turn up the AC unit during the summer months and the heater during the winter months as cool air and warm air are seeping out through these openings, respectively. Subsequently, these can drive up your utility bills significantly.


The Artic 2CNS can provide an air-tight seal, making it ideal for sound-proofing between the body panels in your car. Additionally, the superior adhesion strength is perfect for exterior uses and applications such as glass bonding, structural bonding, and even lamp assembly. Similarly, it can also be used for interior applications such as trims, dashboards, engine compartments, and electronic systems in cars – making this an incredibly versatile polyurethane sealant compared to other types.


Do you know that polyurethane sealants can be used in boats as well? The Artic 2CNS can be used to seal portholes in boats effectively, as they are waterproof and can be used in submerged environments such as the ocean and sea. Additionally, it can also be used to reattach loose decking pieces or attach any accessories to the boat’s hull. It is corrosion-resistant and chemically inert, which means it will not react and degrade with saltwater.