When Should You Use Tremco TREMproof 250GC Waterproofing Membrane?

Tremco 250GC Roller

When Should You Use Tremco TREMproof 250GC Waterproofing Membrane?

At Metro Sealant, we stock numerous waterproofing products – and each is well-suited for different jobs.  We pride ourselves on knowing our stock inside and out, giving us the ability to always recommend the right sealant for the right job.  We have all-purpose products, but also those with more specialized applications, such as Tremco TREMproof 250GC waterproofing membrane.

Designed primarily for backfilled walls, split slabs, and conditions where the materials may be submerged, TREM proof isn’t for everyday use – but it’s perfect for those times you need it.

What Makes Tremco TREMProof 250GC A Unique Waterproofing Product

Waterproofing membranes are generally best in situations where the material is expected to be in near-constant exposure to water, and where internal vapor buildup is not a concern.  These membranes are designed to create total barriers against any liquid penetration, and TREMproof 250GC does its job well.

The most unique aspect of TREMProof 250GC is that it can be applied directly to damp concrete without needing the concrete to fully dry.   It can usually be utilized only 24 hours after removing the concrete forms.  This can significantly speed up construction projects!  Very few other waterproofing products on the market allow for this, making it a great option when time is of the essence.

Additionally, it’s quick curing under most circumstances.  What’s more interesting is that it can actually utilize water as a catalyst!  This can further speed up construction and is particularly useful in low-humidity environments which might otherwise inhibit its curing.  This option can also help when constructing in particularly cold environments.

Depending on your needs, there are three viscosities available as well: self-leveling (SL), roller (R), and trowel (T).  The SL and R variants are good for a wide variety of situations, although the thickest trowel viscosity is recommended only for touch-up and detail work.

And should you need maximum protection, you can apply multiple lifts of TREMProof 250GC as well – up to 215 mil.  This gives you extra flexibility when utilizing TREMProof in demanding situations.

All this adds up to a sealing product which isn’t for everyday use but can be a lifesaver in situations that call for it.

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Along with Tremco TREMProof, we carry hundreds of other sealing products, solutions, and accessories – all designed to make sealing and waterproofing easier.  Shop online to browse our catalog!