Henry Blueskin SA Low Temp: Air/Water Resistant Seals Made Easy

Henry Blueskin SA Low Temp Asphalt Compound

Henry Blueskin SA Low Temp: Air/Water Resistant Seals Made Easy

In construction, there are numerous situations where creating water/air/vapor resistant barriers are necessary – particularly in walls and roofs.  Creating these barriers can be difficult, adding time or money to a project – but Henry Blueskin SA Low Temp (SA LT) asphalt compound sheets make it a lot easier.

When Henry Blueskin SA LT Is A Good Choice

Henry Blueskin

Henry Blueskin SA LT takes a rubberized SBS asphalt compound and laminates it to self-adhering thermoplastic film to create an easy and affordable solution for adding air/water/vapor resistance to almost any substrate.  It can be used in small areas, or for total coverage of a surface such as a wall or roof.  Blueskin SA LT is also versatile enough that it can be used alongside other air barrier systems, such as Henry Air-Bloc liquid barriers, for extra layers of defense.

When properly prepared and sealed, Henry Blueskin SA LT meets ASTM E-2357 air leakage requirements.

Blueskin SA LT has several highly useful properties that add to its versatility.  It’s extremely flexible, even at low temperatures, making it a good choice in situations where some movement can be expected.  It can also bond to a wide range of prepared substrates, including:

  • Flat concrete
  • Concrete blocks
  • Primed steel
  • Aluminums
  • Gypsum board
  • Woods, including plywood
  • Galvanized metal

Another highly useful feature is that it’s self-gasketing.  When penetrated by self-tapping screws and kept under compression, the asphalt compound flows and adheres to the screws to maintain the seal.

The Importance of Surface Prep

To bond and seal properly, Henry Blueskin SA LT must be applied to a prepared surface.  The surface should be cleaned of all oil, dust, excess mortar, and other contaminants that might disrupt the seal.  The surfaces should be smooth without spalled areas, large voids, or any protrusions sharp enough to penetrate the asphalt.

When applying to concrete, it must be cured at least 14 days and thoroughly dried before the Blueskin SA LT can be used.  If you’re using curing compounds on the concrete, they must be resin-based.  Any oil, wax, or pigments in the compound will also disrupt the seal.

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