MasterProtect H 400: The Right Waterproofing Sealant?

Masterprotect H400

MasterProtect H 400: The Right Waterproofing Sealant?

In any outdoor construction project, waterproofing is going to be a major concern.  When water can so easily damage materials from both the outside and the inside, you need to make sure every surface can stand up to rain, snow, and other weather which could compromise the construction.

At Metro Sealant, we specialize in finding the right sealing solutions for the right job – and that often means finding the right waterproofing sealant.  We’re fans of MasterProtect H 400, and frequently recommend it for these applications.  Why?  It goes beyond many surface-level sealants to provide a higher grade of protection.

Five Reasons to Choose MasterProtect H 400 For Your Waterproofing

  1. The penetrating seal provides better protection

Typical waterproofing seals are only surface level, creating a film on the top of the surface being protected.  This may be sufficient for basic projects, but they are easily compromised if the film becomes damaged.  MasterProtect H 400, on the other hand, penetrates into porous materials to provide inches of waterproofing protection, making the final result much more durable.

  1. Vapor permeability

Another major drawback to surface-layer waterproofing is that it generally creates a fully impenetrable barrier – which is a problem in materials such as concrete which can easily generate and trap vapors within the material.  These vapors, once trapped, can cause damage – particularly in freeze/thaw cycles.  MasterProtect H 400 allows these vapors to escape, further reducing the risk of weather-related damage to your project.

  1. Easy application

In most situations, there’s no mixing or priming necessary with MasterProtect H 400.  It can be applied directly to most materials with minimal preparation besides cleaning and drying the surface to be waterproofed.  This reduces time and labor costs in construction, without compromising the weatherproofing.

  1. No visible change to the material

Unlike many surface-layer waterproofing materials, MasterProtect H 400 is effectively invisible.  Since it penetrates deep into the surface of the substrate, it does not change the exterior appearance of the material – making it great for residential applications, as well as any other public-facing surface.

  1. No damage from heavy traffic

Finally, MasterProtect H 400 is excellent for surfaces such as road surfaces, parking garages, and other applications where heavy traffic is expected.  It will not be damaged by vehicles, even under intense use.

Since 1989, Metro Sealant has provided the very best in sealing and waterproofing solutions.  Need help figuring out a tricky sealing problem?  Contact us for advice!