Protectosil Chem-Trete Offers Superior Waterproofing & Sealing

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Protectosil Chem-Trete Offers Superior Waterproofing & Sealing

When building outdoor projects, the issue of weather proofing is one of your most serious concerns.  Water can easily cause damage to structures, even if only trickling in while being difficult to keep out fully.  Beyond direct water damage, there are also scenarios where water saturation can lead to damage later on – such as cracking brought about by freezing and thawing.

Numerous products exist for waterproofing and sealing construction projects, but few are as effective as Protectosil Chem-Trete.  Chem-Trete is one of our go-to suggestions when a client needs superior water resistance, with a unique method of action that takes it beyond typical waterproofing sealants.

How Protectosil Chem-Trete Protect Your Projects from Water Damage

Protectosil Chem-Trete is based in silane, a non-organic compound that is a precursor to silicone.  As such, it has similar waterproofing qualities as silicone, but with a twist that makes it particularly well-suited for construction projects.

Typical waterproofing sealants simply act as a barrier on the outside of the surface being waterproofed.  This can be effective, but there are two potential drawbacks. One is that any disruption of the surface layer can allow water into the underlying materials.  The other is that, by forming a completely impermeable seal, there is no route for liquids or gases to exit the material.  So, if water vapor is being generated within the substrate – which can easily happen with concrete slabs, for example – that water vapor becomes trapped and leads to water damage.

Protectosil Chem-Trete is different in two key ways.  First, rather than simply creating a surface barrier, it actually penetrates porous materials to create a deeper waterproofing layer.  This prevents surface-level scratches or other defects from compromising the waterproofing.

In addition, Protectosil Chem-Trete is still vapor-permeable.  It keeps large liquid water molecules out, but gases and vapors within the substrate can still pass through and escape.  This allows Chem-Trete to offer protection against water damage which goes far beyond typical waterproofing products.

Additionally, Chem-Trete causes no visible change to the outer surface of the material, so it can be used without fear of compromising the look of a project.  In addition, it resists Efflorescence, reducing the negative effect hard water might have on surfaces.

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