What Unique Benefits Can You Get from Masterseal NP 1?


What Unique Benefits Can You Get from Masterseal NP 1?

In construction, selecting the right sealant is vital to seeing the project properly finished.  With more than thirty years in the industry, we at Metro Sealant know the many sealing products on the market, and how important it is to select the right sealant for each specific job.

One of the most popular all-purpose sealants is Masterseal NP 1, which was formerly named Sonolastic NP 1.  While not right for every project, it brings numerous benefits in many different scenarios – and with unique properties that can be utilized to create excellent finished projects.

What Masterseal NP 1 Can Do For You

Masterseal NP 1 is a high-performance single-component elastomeric sealant, made primarily of polyurethane.  It’s gun-grade, requires no mixing, and can bond to many common construction materials such as concrete and masonry without the need for priming.  By itself, this makes NP 1 a great choice for many common applications.

However, it also has several unique traits which builders can make use of:

  1. High movement capability

With a movement capability of ±35%, it’s a good choice for situations where there could be significant movement between the items being sealed.  It’s excellent for weatherproofing in these situations, since it will not be compromised, even by a combination of movement and temperature extremes.

  1. Superior waterproofing

Masterseal NP 1 is a good choice for scenarios where water is expected, as it can retain its waterproof capability even in extremely wet conditions.  It can even continue to hold firm while fully immersed in water, although we do not generally recommend NP 1 for underwater applications.

  1. Inhibits sound transmission

While there are specialty sealants on the market specifically designed for soundproofing, NP 1 is still good at inhibiting sound transmission.  It’s more than adequate for most scenarios that aren’t focused on sound and soundproofing, such as creating noise-free office environments.


Masterseal NP 1 is easily paintable, and most common paints will not compromise its sealing possibilities.  This allows it to be used on a wider range of commercial and residential projects where aesthetic considerations are important.

Metro Sealant Has the Seals You Need

Since 1989, we’ve proudly carried the best in sealing products from across the industry, while cultivating expertise among our own staff.  We can help you overcome difficult sealing challenges, with sealing products in stock for every need.  Contact us for advice on your next construction project!