When Should You Waterproof Your Pool Deck?

When it comes to pool decks, it is critical that they are protected from the effects of moisture. Pool decks, by virtue of what they are, decks are always exposed to a lot of moisture. People dry off on the decks and may sometimes splash water from the pool and on to the deck. Some pool decks are constructed in exposed areas, and this too can open up the decks to water from rain and snow. The net result is that you will probably end up having to fix your damaged pool deck when it is impacted by all this water.

If you are wondering if you need to apply a waterproof coating to your deck, here are top signs that you probably need to waterproof your pool deck.


Water has an effect on many different materials and one of these is to cause the surface of the material to become discolored, This occurs due to water exposure but also the effects of sunlight hitting the deck. Wood and other pool deck materials lose their luster and eventually become very unsightly. Water will also cause the paint on the colored concrete to fad as well, which also exposes the grayish concrete beneath. If you notice this kind of discoloration, you probably need to waterproof your deck in order to prevent further damage.


If your pool deck floor is made of concrete, one of the signs that you may notice due to water damage is cracks on the surface. Water is able to get into the tiny pores in the concrete and, over time, will act to enlarge these pores into cracks. Eventually, the entire pool deck will lose its structural integrity and may even be unsafe to use. Remember that as the cracks widen, more water gets into the concrete and this serves to accelerate the destruction . The smart thing to do is that if you notice any cracks emerging, ensure that they are fixed as quickly as possible and that you give your pool deck a waterproof coating to prevent this from happening again.


When pool decks are damaged by water, they open up gaps and cracks which can cause injuries. One sign that your pool deck needs to be sealed is that it may already have caused injuries to you or family members walking on the deck bare feet. These cracks and chips can pierce kin, or can cause people to stub their toes. Some of these injuries can be very serious and may require medical attention. If you notice that people are getting injured by the surface of your pool deck, it is a good idea to stop using it immediately, fix the damaged part and then waterproof it in order to prevent future problems.

Water Contaminants

If you have a concrete pool deck, you may start noticing sediments in the water. This is because as your pool deck cracks, the concrete particles that are released will eventually find their way into the water. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may notice that your pool gets dirtier much more quickly than usual. You may also notice these sediments accumulating at the bottom of the pool. This may be uncomfortable for anyone with their bare feet on the pool floor, especially on the shallow end where this is more likely to happen. Fixing these cracks and sealing your pool deck will help eliminate this problem.