Where To Avoid Caulking Around Your Windows

It’s as important to understand where to avoid caulking around windows as it is to know where to put the most caulk. Improper caulking leads to a wastage of time, and resources and can result in the workmanship being of poor quality. When doing caulking around windows, there are some areas that you need to pay attention to strictly because you need to avoid caulking in those areas.

Poor caulking has numerous implications whether building or repairing your home. These include water damage in areas where the caulk allows water to ingress through the windows. This is a prime cause of mold and mildew growth in many homes and can thus be considered a health hazard. Poor caulking can also result in pests finding their way into your home. They can damage furniture, insulation, books, and wooden parts of the house in case of termites. This can cause you thousands of dollars in damage. Areas where you should avoid caulking include:

The Inside of Your Window Frames

While it’s important to caulk the space between your window frames and the siding on the outside of your house, caulking the inside of your window frames is generally unnecessary and can make it harder to open and close your windows.

The Top of Your Windows

Caulking the top of your windows can prevent water from draining properly and can cause water to pool on the sill, which can lead to leaks.

Around Weep Holes

Many windows have weep holes that allow moisture to leave the window frame. When you caulk over or around weep holes, this effect is weakened. The result is an accumulation of rot, rust, mold, and other types of water damage. The professional way to install caulking is by first checking if the window has weep holes. This allows you to strategize on how to work around them.

Avoid Trimmed Out Windows

Trimmed-out windows are designed in this manner to redirect moisture away from the window. Caulking such a window will lead to an accumulation of moisture on the window and will also cause water damage.

Moving Parts

It makes sense to avoid caulking the moving parts of a window. The caulk dries up and gums the window parts together, reducing the range of motion or making it impossible to open or close the windows. This would require you to remove the caulking and then redo the project entirely again.

To avoid all the above, trust professional caulking companies to do the caulking for you. This is cheaper, and faster and gives you more peace of mind in the long term. A good caulking job also saves you thousands of dollars on your annual energy bills and in the process helps in protecting the environment. Have a pool with a few small leaks? Check out this blog!

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