GE Silpruf: Its Uses & Benefits

GE Silpruf: Its Uses & Benefits

When it comes to sealant, no two are alike, which is why understanding exactly what you’re getting out of a sealant is extremely important. For those looking for a versatile sealant, Metro Sealant is happy to say that we carry GE Silpruf and we wanted to share a bit more with you about what makes it one of the best-selling products in our inventory.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about GE Silpruf and its uses and benefits!

GE Silpruf Sausage

What Sets GE Silpruf Apart from Other Sealants?

GE Silpruf is known for its durability. In fact, this highly-versatile sealant is designed to provide a durable seal in nearly any condition, withstanding both adverse weather conditions and high joint movement for up to decades without the need for repairs or maintenance. This makes it particularly useful for a wide range of construction and remodeling projects.

Designed to be water and air-tight, GE Silpruf is ideal for critical junctions where this is a must, like flashings, punched openings, and window perimeters. Its elastic properties also make it particularly useful for applications where it will be subject to high impacts and winds.

GE SCS9000 Silpruf

How It’s Used

GE Silpruf is designed to form a secure bond to a number of different finishes and substrates including vinyl, plastic, wood, paint, polycarbonate, glass, brick, concrete, natural stone, terracotta, ceramic, porcelain, coated and anodized aluminum, EIFS, and more. Although some finishes may require a primer, one would be hard-pressed to find a sealant that’s compatible with as many substrates and finishes as the GE Silpruf Metro Sealant carries.

GE Silpruf is also backed by an extensive warranty and is designed to handle hurricane-impact winds. It also comes in a variety of colors, making it easy to choose the perfect fit for your construction needs. Some of the most popular finish colors include limestone, black, grey, champagne, red brick, sandy beige, and more!

How it Performs

As mentioned above, GE Silpruf is designed to provide a strong seal in nearly any situation, offering long-term resistance to extreme temperatures, UV exposure, high-strength winds, rain, and snow, all with minimal damage to its elasticity. It also is created from a low-slag formula, keeping it in place until it’s fully cured.

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