How Long Does MasterSeal TC 225 Take To Cure?

The TC 225 is a polyurethane top coat used in deck coating systems of MasterSeal Traffic 1500. It is a single-component, UV-resistant, waterproof coating. In pedestrian applications, the MasterSeal TC 225 Tint Base product serves as an excellent choice that accommodates a wide range of colors.

In this post, we’ll be covering the key application areas of the MasterSeal TC 225 coating and the time needed for it to cure completely. Read on to learn more!

Product Highlights of MasterSeal TC 225

  • Easy preparation, which minimizes on-site manpower costs.
  • There are 40 colors that utilize MasterSeal 900 color packs available with the MasterSeal TC 225 Tint Base. The Masterseal TC 235 is also a good alternative that provides other color options.
  • The MasterSeal TC 225 Tint base material’s short-filled pails enable easy mixing with the integrated, MasterSeal 945 aggregate.

How Long Does MasterSeal TC 225 Take to Cure?

When tested at 73 °F (23 °C) and 50% relative humidity, the MasterSeal TC 225 can cure within 12 and 14 hours.

Application Areas of MasterSeal TC 225

The highly versatile MasterSeal TC 225 can be used in various areas, including:

  • Parking Garages
  • Stadiums
  • Balconies
  • Plywood Decks
  • Plaza Decks
  • Commercial Construction
  • Building and Restoration

Application Process of MasterSeal TC 225

Cleaning the asphalt surface is the first step in applying TC 225 MasterSeal Traffic 1500. This should be done before the coating is applied. Following that, if further protection is required due to certain environmental factors or traffic loads, another layer can be added. This enables you to adjust your protective layer according to the local climate or the volume of vehicles on the roads.

Tips for Best Results of Masterseal TC 225

  • Avoid whipping air into the tint base.
  • Blend pigment cans rigorously into the tint base.
  • Always use a test area to ensure acceptable color appearance and slip resistance before proceeding.
  • Avoid going beyond the recommended 15−20 mil (0.38−0.51 mm) application for the MasterSeal TC 225 tint base.
  • Note that colors that are exposed to sunlight directly might fade over time, with darker colors potentially fading at a faster rate.
  • Note that aggregate and substrate conditions may affect the final appearance and color.

Why Buy Masterseal TC 225 from Metro Sealant?

We take great pride in offering the best sealants and coatings on the market. One of our most well-liked products is our TC 225 Masterseal: Masterseal Traffic 1500, and for a good reason. The exceptional weather resistance offered by this product guarantees that your surfaces won’t deteriorate or crack.

At Metro Sealant, we also place a strong emphasis on using the appropriate materials to solve issues. Our team of skilled experts is committed to comprehending the particular difficulties that each building project presents and to offering specialized solutions that are suited to our client’s individual requirements.

We believe that our unwavering dedication to reliability, quality, and honesty is what makes us successful. Our clients are aware that they can depend on us to consistently provide the best goods on time and within their set budgets.