How To Apply MasterSeal TC 225

The TC 225 is a polyurethane top coat used in MasterSeal Traffic 1500 deck coating systems. This single-component waterproof coating is also UV-resistant. In pedestrian applications, the MasterSeal TC 225 Tint Base product comes in several color options. Are you unsure of the steps involved in applying MasterSeal TC 225? Fret not. We’ve got all the details below.

What Is MasterSeal TC 225?

As a ground-breaking product, TC 225 MasterSeal performs well in protecting asphalt surfaces from the elements. It effectively shields pavements from environmental deterioration factors, including UV rays and water penetration. By applying it, your pavement can last significantly longer.

As it only requires one component, it is easy to mix and apply without having to worry about the lengthy curing times involved with systems that use many components. All in all, MasterSeal Traffic 1500 creates a reliable seal against water infiltration and is simple to use.

How to Apply TC 225 MasterSeal

Cleaning the asphalt surface is the first step in applying TC 225 MasterSeal Traffic 1500. Following that, if further protection is required due to certain environmental factors or traffic loads, another layer may be added.

This enables you to adjust your protective layer according to the local climate or traffic levels on the road.

Around 2 coats at 1 gallon per 100 square feet should be applied (a 5-gallon bucket covers 400−500 sq. ft. per coat). For the optimal color, custom colors should be applied in two coats. Make sure that each layer is not too thick. Applying three applications will further smooth the surface. Before recoating, let each coat dry for at least 24 hours. Note that cure times are prolonged by cold weather and that you should apply only at temperatures above 50 °F.

It is also recommended that you don’t apply the MasterSeal TC 225 Tint Base heavier than the recommended 15−20 mil (0.38−0.51 mm). For the best results, always do a test on a small area to ensure acceptable color appearance and slip resistance.

Why Buy MasterSeal TC 225 from Metro Sealant?

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You need to look no further than our MasterSeal TC 225 or TC 235 MasterSeal if you want a dependable and simple-to-use solution that can withstand all weather conditions. They both provide exceptional performance in any environment. Rest assured that your surfaces will be well protected from cracking and deterioration with this protective barrier!

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