Dryvit Dryflex 5G: Acrylic Co-Polymer

• The Dryflex mixture is especially suited for areas of anticipated high moisture activity such as below grade, sill and slope applications. 45Ib Pail
• The Dryflex mixture may be used as an adhesive to attach extruded polystyrene insulation boards for below-grade applications.
• The Dryflex mixture may be used as a hydrostatic water-resistant base coat applied to sheathings, concrete masonry or other approved substrates.

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Dryvit Dryflex 5G: Acrylic Co-Polymer

Dryvit Dryflex is a high percentage acrylic co-polymer material, which is mixed with Portland cement to produce a water-resistant base coat and adhesive. It is white in color before adding cement. Questions about Dryvit Dryflex? Contact Us.

Polymer based
Used as Adhesive and Base Coat
Vapor permeable
Free of solvents

High Flexural Strength
Suited for high moisture areas
Does not allow moisture buildup
Complies with VOC requirements

Working Time: After mixing, the working time of the Dryflex mixture is 2 to 4 hours depending on ambient conditions.

Drying Time: The drying time of the Dryflex mixture is dependent upon the air temperature and relative humidity. Under average drying conditions 70 °F (21 °C), 55% RH, the Dryflex mixture will dry in 24 hours. Protect work from rain for at least 24 hours. Being a cementitious product, the Dryflex mixture will develop full strength in 28 days.

Application Procedure: For complete application instructions, refer to the appropriate Dryvit system application instructions.

Job Conditions: Air and surface temperature for application of the Dryflex mixture must be 40 °F (4 °C) or higher and must remain so for a minimum of 24 hours.

Temporary Protection: Shall be provided at all times until the adhesive, base coat, finish and installation of permanent flashings, sealants, etc. are completed to protect the wall from inclement weather and other sources of damage.

Acceptable Substrates:
• Exterior grade gypsum sheathing meeting ASTM C 1396 (formerly C 79) requirements for water-resistant core or Type X core
• Exterior sheathing having a water-resistant core with fiberglass mat facers meeting ASTM C1177
• Exterior fiber reinforced cement or calcium silicate boards
• Unglazed brick, cement plaster, concrete or masonry

Thoroughly mix the Dryflex material prior to splitting. Into a clean plastic container, pour 1/2 of the freshly mixed Dryflex [22.5 lb (10.21 kg)] material. To each half pail of Dryflex add 1/4 of a bag[approximately 22.5 lb (10.21 kg)] of fresh, lump-free Type I or Type II Portland cement. Add the cement slowly while mixing using a “Twister” paddle or equivalent mixing blade, powered by a 1/2 in(12.7 mm) drill, at 500–1200 rpm. NOTE: A minimum 7 amp drill works best for Portland cement based materials. Additional water may be added to the Dryflex mixture to achieve a workable consistency. DO NOT OVER-WATER THE DRYFLEX MIXTURE AS THIS WILL DEGRADE THE
PERFORMANCE OF THE PRODUCT. Allow the mixture to set for five (5) minutes. Re-mix and temper by adding a small amount of water to achieve the desired workability.


Weight 45 lbs