Dryvit Xnergy XPS: Continuous Insulation

  • 5.0/inch R-Value
  • Durable
  • Continuous Insulation (CI)
  • Energy Efficient
  • Greater impact resistance than EPS
  • Meets Energy Codes

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Dryvit Xnergy XPS: Continuous Insulation

Dryvit Xnergy XPS Basic Use: DOW XNERGY Rigid Insulation is a closed cell high-performance core material. Dow’s proprietary extrusion process enables precise control of parameters such as density, cell size and cell orientation. This yields foam boards that can stand up to the most demanding composite panel applications. DOW Dryvit XNERGY XPS Rigid Insulation is supplied in sheets that have been carefully engineered and sanded to precise tolerances for an exceptional bonding surface. Questions? Contact Us.

DOW XNERGY™ Rigid Insulation is customized for use in Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS). The closed-cell structure of DOW XNERGY™ Rigid Insulation prevents the foam from absorbing water, which helps maintain panel integrity and insulating properties in low temperature applications and other environments with high humidity conditions.

Applicable Standards: DOW XNERGY™ Rigid Insulation complies with ASTM C578 Type X. Code Compliances: DOW XNERGY™ Rigid Insulation complies with the following codes:
• Meets IBC/IRC requirements for foam plastic insulation. See International Code Council evaluation report ICC-ES ESR 2142.
• UL Classified, See Classification Certificate D369. Contact your Dow sales representative or local authorities for state and local building code requirements and related acceptance. Physical Properties: DOW XNERGY™ Rigid Insulation exhibits the properties and characteristics indicated in Table 2 when tested as represented. Like all cellular polymers, this product will degrade upon high heat or prolonged exposure to sunlight. DOW XNERGY™ Rigid Insulation should not be used above 165°F surface temperature under any circumstances to maintain product integrity and system performance. A covering may be used to block ultraviolet radiation and prevent degradation. Other coverings to protect the foam from the elements and to meet applicable fire regulations may also be required. Consultation with local building code officials, design engineers/specifiers or insurance personnel is recommended before application.
Environmental Data: DOW XNERGY™ Rigid Insulation is hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) free with zero ozone-depletion potential.
Fire Information: DOW XNERGY™ Rigid Insulation is combustible; protect from high heat sources. A protective barrier or thermal barrier may be required as specified in the appropriate building code. For more information, consult MSDS, call Dow at 1-866-583-BLUE (2583) or contact your local building inspector. Sizes and edge treatments for DOW XNERGY™ Rigid Insulation. Nominal Board Thickness¹: Available in 1 in, 1.5 in, 2 in, 3 in, and 4 in. ¹Not all board sizes available in all regions. Board Length: Nominal 96 in.

Board Width: 24 in.
Edge Treatment: Straight Edge