Emseal Backerseal: Joint Sealant For Building Walls

As a secondary sealant behind:

  • Conventional backer-rod and liquid sealants
  • Behind directly-applied liquid sealant

Ideally suited to:

  • panelized wall systems
  • curtain wall systems
  • window perimeters
  • precast panels
  • concrete
  • brick
  • stone
  • metal panels, etc.

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Emseal Backerseal: Joint Sealant For Building Walls

Emseal Backerseal is a joint sealant for building walls and wall systems, Emseal Backerseal is an economical, precompressed, secondary joint sealant to field-applied caulking. Backerseal is a polyurethane foam infused with a hydrophobic-acrylic impregnation technology. Questions? Contact Us.


Unlike ‘double caulk and backer rod’, Backerseal behind field-applied liquid sealants provides true “belt and suspenders” sealing–two systems working on different principles to perform the same function. ‘Double caulk and backer rod’ is very difficult to install to achieve the geometry necessary to function in moving joints. In addition, the same forces (tensile stresses at the bondline and within the cured sealant) that will cause the outer installation to fail, will also likely cause the inner installation to fail as well. Backerseal works in compression providing a practical-to-install, fully functional secondary joint sealant using different performance principles than the primary, liquid sealant.  Additionally Backerseal provides insulation and sound attenuation value as well as the ability to resist the effects of air-pressure differentials.

  • Provides watertight secondary seal
  • Provides R-value at joints
  • Resists air pressure  differentials/ABAA compliant
  • Remains firmly in compression against substrates
  • Contributes to LEED
  • Odorless
  • Sound Attenuating
  • Clean handling
  • Non-staining
  • UV stable
  • Low temperature flexible
  • High-temperature stable

atertight—the tensionless silicone bellows is installed just below the deck surface. This ensures watertightness is achieved at the deck surface.

Non-Invasive Anchoring—there are no hard metal-to-concrete connections in the system. This includes embedded pins, anchors, screws, bolts or tracks, trays or rails. The system is locked to the joint faces by means of the 1) backpressure of the foam, 2) the epoxy adhesive, and 3) the injected silicone sealant band at the joint face to foam and silicone bellows interface.

Continuity of Seal—as in all EMSEAL expansion joint systems, continuity of seal through changes in plane and direction is an essential performance differentiator. Details for watertight, field-fabricated transitions from deck to wall, at curbs, sidewalks, parapets, tees, and crosses are available with the DSM SYSTEM.

Aesthetics & Versatility—Standard color is gray (other colors available), uniform bellows appearance, double sealing, fuel resistance, and an enhanced ability to handle variations in joint size are among other system features.