Emseal Horizontal Colorseal: Non Trafficked Joint

As a watertight seal in joints in protected deck applications beneath cover-plates, or at perimeters in

  • Decks: structural joints, perimeter joints, isolation joints at stair-towers/elevators
  • Parapets, roofs
  • Concrete covers on above-grade tunnels, wastewater tanks etc.
  • Back-up seal beneath expansion joint-cover assemblies
  • As insulation and a secondary seal in roof expansion joints below RoofJoint

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Emseal Horizontal Colorseal: Non Trafficked Joint

Emseal Horizontal Colorseal is ideally suited for ensuring watertightness in horizontal-plane structural, seismic, and abutment joints in non-trafficked decks of cast-in-place, precast or post-tensioned concrete. Emseal Horizontal Colorseal combines a factory-applied and cured silicone bellows with a hydrophobic-acrylic-impregnated expanding foam sealant backing. It is watertight, odorless, clean handling, UV stable, non-staining, low temperature flexible, high-temperature stable. Questions? Contact Us.


Continuity of seal and continuity of thermal insulation throughout changes in plane and direction are hallmarks of Horizontal Colorseal. The product’s ability to maintain watertightness while handling curves and direction changes further sets it apart from rubber-and-rail strip seals. Horizontal Colorseal is positively secured at inside corners without invasive anchors.

  • Primary seal
  • Watertight
  • Insulates deck and roof expansion joints
  • Non-invasive anchoring
  • Sound attenuating STC 52; OITC 38
  • Low-Tension silicone and foam hybrid sealant
  • Rapid installation–new or retrofit
  • Aesthetically and practically versatile
  • Easily handles changes in plane and direction
  • Easily handles curved expansion joints

Watertight—the low tension silicone bellows is installed just back from the wall surface. This ensures watertightness is achieved at the face of the wall preventing water getting trapped against the substrates or within the joint cavity.

Non-Invasive Anchoring—there are no hard metal-to-substrate connections in the system. This includes embedded pins, anchors, screws, bolts or tracks, trays or rails that often damage sensitive substrates and act as a thermal bridge. Non-invasive anchoring means the system is locked to the joint faces by means of the 1) backpressure of the foam, 2) the injected silicone corner bead at the joint face to foam and silicone bellows interface.

Continuity of Seal—as in all EMSEAL expansion joint systems, continuity of seal through changes in plane and direction is an essential performance differentiator. Details for watertight, transitions using factory-fabricated Universal and Custom transitions pieces are available from EMSEAL.

Aesthetics & Versatility—26 standard colors, uniform bellows appearance, ability to handle variations in joint size are among other system features.