Henry Blueskin LVC: Adhesive Primer 4.5 Gallon



  • Compliant with OTC rules for industrial adhesives and sealants and California South Coast Rule 1168
  • Quick setting
  • Aggressive tack provides improved adhesion of membrane to substrate
  • Suitable for application at normal and low temperatures
  • Easily applied

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Henry Blueskin LVC Uses
Used as an adhesive for self-adhesive membranes such as Blueskin SA, SALT TWF, VP and WP200 when applied to masonry, concrete, wood, gypsum board, Gold and metal surfaces. Blueskin LVC Adhesive is the surface preparation of choice on above grade applications of self-adhered membranes where a quick setting, aggressive tack, solvent based, lower VOC primer is required.

Surfaces must be dry and free from dust, dirt, grease, oil or other foreign matter.

Henry Blueskin LVC Adhesive: Apply by brush or roller. Rollers should have a solvent-resistant heavy nap of natural material such as lamb’s wool. Allow adhesive to dry for approximately 30 minutes, longer under cold conditions,
before applying membrane. Coated surfaces not covered by membrane during the working day must be recoated.

  • Service Temp: Minus 40°C to 70°C
  • Application Temp: Minus 12°C to 40°C
  • Flammability:

Wet: Flammable
Dry: Burns

Clean Up
Remove from tools, etc. mineral spirits. Clean hands with a waterless hand cleaner.

Avoid direct application on polystyrene materials, such as polystyrene insulation boards. Avoid use and exposure to open flames, electrical discharges and other ignition sources or where solvent odors may taint food or other susceptible products.


Henry Blueskin LVC Adhesive Safety Data Sheet

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