Henry Polybitume 570-05: 29fl. oz. Tube


Polybitume 570-05 Polymer Modified Sealing Compound is a top quality, high solids, rubber asphalt caulking and sealing compound formulated to provide extra flexibility and good bond. Ambient temperature is recommended when applying this product (thickens at low temperatures).

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Henry Polybitume 570-05 Features

  • Exceeds performance standards of conventional asphalt caulking compounds
  • Gun or trowel consistency
  • Remains flexible on aging


Used as an end lap and flashing sealant with self-adhered membranes, such as Blueskin WP 200, modifiedPLUS SA and Blueskin PE 200.  Henry Polybitume 570-05 is also used as a caulking, sealing or bedding compound on most construction surfaces including concrete, masonry, wood, metal, cement asbestos and other composition materials.

  • Control joints in concrete.
  • Filling plastic boxes or pitch pockets.
  • Lap sealing metal panels.
  • Bedding for roofing components.
  • Dam and hydraulic installations.
  • Harbor facilities.


Do not use where solvent odors may taint food or other susceptible materials. Do not apply to wet surfaces. For ease of application during cold weather, condition material in warm temperature before using. Do not use in floor or sidewalk areas exposed to traffic. Do not apply to joints of greater than 1″ width on vertical surfaces in a single application. Wood or other absorptive surfaces may be subject to local staining by solvent vehicle.

Surface Preparation

Metal:  Metal surfaces must be blast-cleaned, hand-cleaned or power-brushed to a clean, tight surface and should be dry, free from rust, grease or mill-scale. Surfaces should be below 104°F at the time of application.

Concrete-Masonry:  Surfaces must be dry and sound, free from frost, grease, form oil, loose, spalled or fractured material. Porous or dusty surfaces should be primed with a brush application of Henry 910-01 Primer and allowed to cure for 4 hours.


Apply by knife, tool or gun, hand or power operated. Tool finish joint to avoid air pockets and improve bond at interface surfaces.


When used as a bedding compound:   1/8″ thickness, approximately 16ft²/gal.

When used as a joint sealant:

1/4″ x 1/4″ (370 linear ft./gal.)

1/2″ x 1/2″ (92 linear ft./gal.)

1″ x 1″ (23 linear ft./gal.)

Chemical Resistance 

Resists water, calcium chloride, salt, mild acid and alkaline solutions.  Non-resistant to oil, grease or solvents.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 18 in