J Drain Core Only 4’x50′: Drainboard




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J Drain Core Only 4’x50′: Drainboard

J Drain Core Only Maintains a very high flow rate while providing a higher compressive strength for greater depths. A very popular choice for vertical and horizontal single sided drainage applications. Moderate duty. Questions? Contact Us.

The risks associated with designing large retaining walls have grown exponentially. The predominant cause of failure is water. Whether a poured concrete retaining wall or MSE retaining wall, provisions must be made to control subsurface water accumulation to minimize hydrostatic water pressure and efficiently drain the reinforced soil. Hydrostatic water pressure exerts additional load on the retaining wall and can be hazardous and damaging. Inefficient drainage of the backfill may result in premature failure.

J Drain Core Only drainage composites are engineered to eliminate and control hydrostatic water pressure and efficiently channel water away. The three dimensional core creates a high compressive strength and high flow capacity drainage channel and the fused filter fabric prevents soil intrusion into the flow channel. They are a lower cost alternative to traditional drainage aggregate, filter fabric and perforated pipe systems.

performs a multi-faceted role by providing protection for waterproofing systems and managing subsurface water around building foundations. Soil back fill is retained by a filter fabric while allowing water to pass into the drainage core providing hydrostatic relief. Collected water is then conveyed to a proper collection system. Consists of a impermeable polypropylene sheet cuspated under heat and pressure to form a high flow dimpled drainage core. The core is then bonded to a layer of nonwoven filter fabric. The filter fabric retains soil or sand particles as well as freshly placed concrete or grout, allowing filtered water to pass into the drainage core.

Vertical Installation:
1. Measure wall height or lift, adding sufficient material for overlapping pipe detail. Unroll J-DRain and cut to length.
2. Peel back fabric from drainage core and remove 4″ of core. (Drain core should remain 6 -12 inches below backfill.)
3. Glue fabric to wall or tuck fabric under core when using a furring strip. (Furring strip can be removed after backfilling.)
4. Glue adjacent panels at the vertical joints, making sure that fabric overlaps to prevent soil intrusion when backfilling.
5. At drain tile, peel back fabric from drainage core and wrap around drain tile. Tuck excess fabric under core, making sure inner core has direct contact with drain tile.
6. backfill as soon as possible.

NOTE: J-DRain can also be applied horizontally in a vertical application, as follows:
1. Install horizontally in lifts.
2. To ensure filter continuity, glue the overlap fabric from the upper lift to the lower lift.
3. Glue or nail the top of the final lift. Horizontal Installation
1. Clean horizontal surface of loose debris and unroll J-DRain fabric side up in the direction of maximum slope.
2. Attach J-DRain to the surface with double-sided tape, adhesive or nails that are compatible with waterproofing membranes.
3. For overlaps, place adjacent panels so that the cores abut.
4. Secure the fabric overlap at five foot intervals with glue, tape or nails.
5. *Join roll ends by peeling back fabric and removing 4″ of core.
6. Place end panels so that cores abut, then glue, tape or nail fabric overlap.

J Drain

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