Sikasil GP HT Red: 10.1oz Tube Sika


  • One-component ready to use
  •  Excellent adhesion, bonds to many substrates without priming
  •  Fast Cure – Move assembled or sealed parts quickly
  • Superior gunning & tooling
  • Contains anti-microbial additive for mold resistance.
  • Resistant to UV, ozone, and
  • temperature extremes
  • High temperature resistance up to 550°F

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Sikasil GP HT Red: 10.1oz Tube Sika

Sikasil GP HT Red is a general purpose, one-component, non-sag, elastomeric, RTV acetoxy silicone sealant with good adhesion characteristics for general sealing and bonding applications. Sikasil GP HT Red maintains elastomeric properties up to 500° F continuous, 550°F intermittent. Questions? Contact Us.

Areas of Application:
– Sealing and glazing of windows, doors and skylights
– Conventional glazing and storefronts
– HVAC, plumbing, roofing
– Sealing trucks, trailers and RVs
– Marine applications
– Appliance assembly

Typical Substrates:
– Glass, tile, fiberglass, plastic, ceramic, wood and painted metals

Surface preparation:
The substrate must be clean, dry, frost free, sound and free of any oils, greases or incompatible sealers, paints or
coatings that may interfere with adhesion.

Porous substrates:
Clean by mechanical methods to expose a sound surface free of contamination. Non-porous substrates For cleaning non-porous substrates, use two cloth cleaning method using xylene, isopropyl alcohol or an approved, clean, pure non-diluted industrial grade solvent. Allow solvent to evaporate completely prior to sealant application. Strictly follow solvent manufacturer’s warnings and instructions for use.

Sikasil GP HT Red is designed to obtain adhesion without the use of a pre-treatment; however, certain substrates may require a pre-treatment. Test by applying the sealant and/or pretreatment sealant combination to confirm results and proposed application methods. Refer to Product Data Sheet for Sika Aktivator-205.

In all cases, make sure the joint design is correct. Proper joint design minimizes stresses on the sealant. Use masking
tape if desired for areas adjacent to the joint to be sealed to prevent surface contamination. Apply sealant to dry,
clean surfaces. Do not break cartridge seal until just before use. Surfaces should be dried before the sealant is applied.

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Tooling and finishing:
Tool joint, if necessary, and remove masking tape. Tooling should be completed in one continuous stroke. Tool immediately after sealant is applied and before a skin begins to form. Dry tool – do not use soap, water or oil as a tooling aid. Remove masking tape immediately after tooling is completed. Complete tooling within 5 minutes of sealant application.

Uncured Sikasil GP HT Red may be removed from tools and equipment with solvents such as isopropyl alcohol or xylene if cleaned before sealant has begun to cure. Strictly follow solvent manufacturer’s instructions for use and
warning statements. Once cured, the material can only be removed mechanically. Hands and exposed skin should be washed with soap and water immediately after use. Do not use solvents on skin.



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