Thermafiber SAFB: Mineral Wool Insulation


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Thermafiber SAFB: Mineral Wool Insulation

Thermafiber is a leading manufacturer of Mineral Wool insulation products. From its inception, Thermafiber has been dedicated to improving fire protection by manufacturing mineral wool insulation. Thermafiber offers industrial, residential, and marine mineral wool products that conserve energy, control sound, and provide fire protection. Questions? Contact Us.

While every commercial, industrial, and mechanical project is unique, Thermafiber has cultivated more than 45 years of experience collaborating with partners across the industry to develop, test and deploy mineral wool insulating solutions.

Our mineral wool contains a minimum of 70% recycled content, and it’s non-combustible, inorganic and mold-resistant. Thermafiber is the #1 specified brand of commercial mineral wool.

Thermafiber SAFB (Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets) are mineral wool batts designed to provide acoustical control and fire protection in many different UL fire-rated wall and floor-ceiling assemblies. These products are non-combustible, moisture-resistant, non-corrosive, nondeteriorating, mildew-resistant and vermin-resistant. SAFB resist temperatures over 2,000ºF and add STCs to wall and floor-ceiling assemblies. SAFB can be installed in both steel and wood framed construction.

• Interior Stud Cavity – Friction fit SAFB securely between studs. Butt ends of blankets closely together and fill all voids.
• Creased SAFB– Using SAFB 1″ wider than regular blankets, bow the blankets slightly to fit into stud cavity. Slit the blankets vertically 1″ deep with a utility knife down the center.
• Floor-Ceiling – Friction fit SAFB securely between floor joints.
• Ceiling Overlayment – Lay SAFB over ceiling panels extending 48″ beyond all partitions. Tightly fit around all hangers, obstructions, and penetrations.

• Exceptional sound and noise absorption
• Adds STC value to wall and floor-ceiling assemblies
• Provides fire containment in rated assemblies
• Fire resistant to temperatures above 2,000º F (1,093º C)
• Minimum 70% Recycled content2
• Mold-resistant3
• Contributes to credits in several green building programs such as LEED and Green Globes

Thermafiber Insolutions offers industry leading technical and engineering assistance to architects, specifiers, and contractors. These services include CAD drawings, engineering judgments, LEED Credit Information, and product recommendations. Contact our technical
services department at 1-888-834-2371 or email

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